The Best Hardware & Software For Designers

For a long time computers weren't thought of as being creative tools in the pure sense. While it was possible to follow some creative pursuits on a computer, this hardware was ultimately always going

10 Incredible Designs to Draw Inspiration From

What do you do when you feel uninspired? I personally browse the web in hopes of being inspired. These designs have inspired people from all over the world, in some way or another, and hopefully

10 Creative Flower Dress Designs for your Inspiration

Grace Ciao is a very creative Fashion Illustrator. She teaches courses on Fashion Design in Singapore. She also shares her floral fashion design illustrations on the internet, and they are amazing. 

Netflix Roulette: What Movie Should I Watch?

What is Netflix roulette? Netflix Roulette is a service that randomly picks a movie, based on the category you choose. Netflix Roulette does TV Shows? That's right, it works with TV Shows as

Prototypo: Open-Source Online Font Creator

Prototypo is an open-source online font creator, or typeface editor. It's still in production, but you can fund the project on Kickstarter, and if you donate £12 (~$20) or more, you'll get a 1 year

Free eCommerce UI Kit - En Vogue by PixelKit [Freebies]

[su_carousel source="media: 4312,4311,4310,4309,4308,4307" limit="10" width="960" height="413" items="1" title="no"] This shopping UI kit is perfect for any developer or designer working on an

How Innovative Design Affects Brand Development

Brand design and recognition may be the most important components when it comes to your overall success in business. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if your marketing

Free Elegant UI Kit - Iceberg by PixelKit [Freebies]

[su_carousel source="media: 4288,4287,4286,4285,4284,4283" limit="10" width="960" height="413" items="1" title="no"] An excellent music UI kit designed to perfectly match an artist or musician

Kuka Robot Design Award

Form, Function and Robots There is a good amount of thought and effort that goes into designing robotics. While it might be enough to make something durable that functions as it was intended,

10 Ways to Write Better Headlines

Time is a precious commodity today, as we are all pacing around at high speeds. Be it at work, at home, or in the car; with technology at our fingertips, hundreds of articles are passing in front of

Free Music UI Kit - Funky Tunes by PixelKit [Freebies]

[su_carousel source="media: 4219,4220,4221,4222" limit="4" width="640" height="340" items="1" title="no"] An excellent music UI kit designed to perfectly match an artist or musician website. Whether

5 Inspiring Packaging Designs

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 brought to light some very unique product labels. Companies came together to compete in many different categories; some came out on top, others close runners-up.

8 Must-See Award Winning Videos

Multi-award-winning artistry, the holy grail of creators of imaginative visual feasts, is not only recognized by the industry, but also by the general public.

3 Popular WordPress Design Ideas

Creating a website is easy. With free software tools and online creation websites even a novice webmaster can have a new site up and running within minutes. The most popular website management system,