9 Chrome Extensions Web Designers Must Have

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As a designer, you might have been using Google Chrome for a period of time already. But the question you should ask yourself is whether you are using this browser to its complete benefit. Chrome features a full-bodied extension system that is worth exploring and testing. This is one reason Google Chrome now claims to be the most popular browser in the world. Here is a look at 10 Chrome extensions designers must have.

1. Benchwarmer

This is a smart Chrome extension that substitutes the “New Tab” screen with 6 shots from dribble, which is an invite-only, premium community of designers sharing what they are working on at present, in the elevated altar of pixel-perfection. After installation, Benchwarmer defaults to the newest top-rated shots, but you can use a gear symbol to customize this view.

2. ColorZilla


When ColorZilla was launched for Firefox, it was among the initial browser-based color pickers obtainable. The certified port for Chrome is equally useful and comprises an eye dropper, gradient generator and color picker, alongside extra advanced color tools.

3. WhatFont


WhatFont identifies the fonts utilized on a certain webpage and offers in-depth details, like the font family and size, along with weight, line height and color. Besides the web secure fonts, it senses the services utilized to serve the font and sustains Google Web Fonts and Typekit. With this extension, you do not need to right-click to view source.

4. Screen Capture

This is an authorized Google extension that quickly captures noticeable sections of pages, noticeable objects, whole pages and drawn assortments as PNG files. Every photograph can be amended and interpreted, and highlighting, arrows and redacting, lines and addition of text are completely supported.

5. Evernote Web Clipper


As you spend most of your time with a web browser, cataloging and storing information effortlessly becomes important. Google Chrome’s Evernote Web Clipper is essential in web design as it makes it fast and simple to store almost anything you get online in your account in Evernote which includes selected text, links, PDFs, images, articles and even whole webpages.

6. Pixlr Editor

This is a completely featured photograph editor obtainable straight in your browser. It has sharing interface similar to Adobe Photoshop, learning arc is low and full of abilities you would just usually get in an app in desktop. The fast, thoughtfully organized, intuitive interface means fast edits are easy.

7. Measurelt

With this extension, draw out the ruler that shows the arrangement and actual pixel height and width dimensions of any chosen aspect on a webpage. Measurelt is an especially helpful tool in website designing and developing. To use it, just click the ruler and drag it out to find the dimensions of an element quickly and easily.

8. Palette

Colors take up a vital role in web design, and creating the perfect palette can be challenging. However, this particular task can be much more efficient if you have an extension like Palette within your reach.

9. Pendule

Pendule harmonizes the fitted developer tools of Google Chrome and makes it easy to edit websites like viewing CSS, reloading CSS, viewing JavaScript, and disabling styles among others. This extension itself is quick and responsive, unobtrusive, featuring a widespread toolset.

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