10 Engaging Ideas for Video Content

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If you needed evidence that videos are hot, news broke that YouTube hit 1 billion unique monthly visitors. Their monthly viewership is equivalent to the population of the world’s third-largest country. As the value of visual content soars, it should play an integral role in your content management strategy. Images are processed 60,000 times faster, and 40% of the population responds better to visuals. Video may result in positive SEO, since it has been shown to attract three times the inbound links of text. We’ve curated 10 creative ideas on how to use videos in content:

1. Share Customer Testimonials

Your brand’s best cheerleaders may be your customers. Showcasing their experiences using your product or services in video review can engage and impress your prospects. eConsultancy found that testimonials lead to an 18% increase in sales:

Image credit: eConsultancy

2. Interview Subject-Matter Experts

If your brand is planning to sit down and talk with subject matter experts, film your conversation and embed it in your blog. Forrester has found that a web page with video is 53 times more likely to appear on first-page Google results than the same content without video.

3. Embed Vine Videos

Twitter’s latest social video app might be the perfect content for your blog. Despite the fact that the videos are only six seconds long, they’re tailored for the modern attention span. Marketer Jeff Bullas has found that average video lengths have decreased significantly over the past several years.

4. Address Pain Points

Your consumers have a problem that needs to be solved, so why not take it by the horns? OraBrush’s video on solving bad breath amassed upwards of 18 million views on YouTube:


5. Review Your Products

Video provides an incredible opportunity for brands to give a 3-D look at their products. Zappos uses employees to model and describe their products, which has lead to a 6-30% increase in sales in previous years.

6. Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Even if you think your company’s daily processes are boring, your prospects might disagree. Video can provide a real look at just what goes on behind the scenes at your organization.

7. Spotlight Your People

Your prospects probably don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. Showcasing interviews with your colleagues, or company performance can provide insight on your corporate culture.

8. Answer Customer FAQs

Address your customer’s real-life questions directly in short video clips that provide insight on solutions. As added benefit, it’s a great way to target keywords, since these questions likely resemble their search terms.

9. Provide Training

Filming a video might be the best way to describe how to use your product. Consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

10. Make Announcements

Is there something huge that your company wants to share with your prospects and customers? Making the announcement via video could increase your content’s shareability factor.

How does your brand use videos in content management to engage prospects? When it comes to company videos, are you more of a Harlem Shake person or a super serious person? Please share your vision in comments.

Helen Nesterenko is the founder of Writtent.com. She enjoys helping businesses create content their customers and prospects will love.