10 Incredible Designs to Draw Inspiration From

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What do you do when you feel uninspired? I personally browse the web in hopes of being inspired. These designs have inspired people from all over the world, in some way or another, and hopefully they’ll inspire you as well.

The Internal Mechanism of a Watch

Made by Patek Philippe. He’s considered to be the Finest Watchmaker in the World.

A Wolf Made Out of Pipe Cleaners

What an Eggshell with 20,000 Holes Looks Like

‘Sverd i fjell’ – The Giant Sword Monument in Norway

A Cabinet Carved to Look Like a Digital Glitch

The 3D-Printed Cast That Uses Ultrasound to Heal Bones 40% Faster

Loaf of Art – Each Color Was Layered to Form the Picture.

Each slice was sold for $5000.

Intricate Colored Pencil Drawing of a Wave

A Single Photo

Cryptex Flash Drive

Images: Imgur | andrewinmelbourne

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