10 Useful Google Tools to Help you get Organized

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Google is most well-known for its search engine, but the company has its hands in a variety of other projects. There are dozens of Google tools that help you organize your life and work, among other things. Here’s a look at nine Google tools you might not know about. 

Google Calendar: Schedule and Collaborate


Google Calendar is a valuable scheduling tool that syncs automatically with your mobile device, so you can coordinate your full schedule with just a few clicks. Invite others to meetings and events, confirm appointments and get advance reminders.

Google News: Refine Search Results to Newsworthy Publications


Google’s search platform offers a variety of different search settings. One of the most useful is Google News, which filters search results to those from legitimate news entities.

Google Scholar: Find Scholarly Literature


If you’re looking for real, in-depth research, Google Scholar is the tool for you. Another advanced search filter, Google Scholar pulls up results from universities and scholarly journals for your next research project.

Google Trends: Find Out What People are Talking About


Google Trends is helpful for learning what topics are being searched for and discussed most across the Web. Whether you’re looking for content ideas for your blog or simply curious, Google Trends is a wealth of information on what’s hot.

Google Analytics: Monitor Your Website Stats

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Google Analytics is a free application that lets you monitor the traffic, referral sources and other vital statistics for your blog or website. With Adobe AIR, you can run Google Analytics on any platform for on-the-go syncing and functionality.

Panoramio: Explore the World in Photos


Panoramio is one of the least-known Google tools in existence. Working in conjunction with the better-known Google Maps, Panoramio shows photos from any location across the globe based on user submissions.

Google Voice: Listen to Voicemails and Make Calls Online


Don’t have time to listen to all your voice messages? With Google Voice, you can get transcribed messages delivered right to your email inbox.

Google Encrypted: Search Securely

Google Encrypted uses SSL to encrypt the data sent between your computer and the Google website. SSL is a security precaution that prevents hackers from easily intercepting your data, so you’ll be searching more securely.

Google Alerts: Get the Latest Search Results on Your Favorite Topics


If there’s a subject you’re following passionately, Google Alerts delivers the latest indexed search results to your inbox. Google Alerts is also a useful tool for brands to monitor their online reputations and for staying on top of discussions across the Web.

Google Now: Manage Your Entire Day with a Virtual Personal Assistant

Voice-activated information, personal organization, scheduling and alerts all in a single tool, Google Now is an underused but highly useful tool. This personal organization tool even overrides the need for other applications, such as Google Calendar.

Google is far more than a simple search engine. With a constantly evolving set of applications, Google has a tool for just about every purpose in life.

Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer with a focus on technology. When not behind a computer, Teddy spends the majority of his free time outdoors and resides in Tampa, Florida.