25 Glasses Logos for Your Inspiration

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We’re about to discuss the most important element of the corporate identity – a logo. It plays a huge role in the awareness of a brand. A list of topics to consider when choosing a center element for the logo is endless. As a rule, it depends upon the brand, its target audience or a customer’s wish.
Today’s showcase is about logo design with glasses as the main element. Such types of logos can symbolize a part of an enterprise for instance a library, or a whole business such as a bookshop or an optical store. It can be symbol of wisdom or love to knowledge for any brand as well. 
Below you can find 25 examples of successful glasses usage in logo design. We would be delighted to find out your opinion about these logos in the comments below!

1. Optimum


2. Mister Cutts

Mister Cutts

3. Funky Glasses

Funky Glasses

4. Pocket Nerd

Pocket Nerd

5. Cool Vision

Cool Vision

6. Geek


7. Eyespy


8. Fire Protection

Fire Protection

9. Wear


10. Bikefocals


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