3 Training and Workout Tips for Men Over 50 to Build Muscle

YOU MIGHT FEEL like all of the rules of your life have changed after you turn 50. You move differently at work and at home, and it can feel like an entirely different world in the gym. Yes, the rules might have changed—but you don’t have to feel like you’ve aged out of your workout routine. You can still make gains after you’ve crossed the half-century barrier.

The key is to be smart—and smart training follows a plan. You’ll have just that with the new MH MVP Premium Max Muscle at 50 program. Series creator Bryan Krahn, C.S.C.S. is a veteran trainer who knows what it takes to keep guys moving and healthy as they get older. He’s his own proof of concept. He’s 51 himself, and uses the same principles behind the program in his own workouts.


Follow these tips from Krahn to continue building muscle and strength into your sixth decade on Earth.

3 Tips for Training Success at 50 (and Beyond)

Reps, Not Weight

Lifting heavy can be a young man’s game. Krahn isn’t saying that you should never pick up a big weight again—only that you can safeguard your joints by going lighter. You can still make gains this way, too. Krahn notes that studies suggest that you can still build muscle with higher rep rangers, up to 30 per set.

“Lighter weights will pack on size, as long as they make you work,” he says. “So aim to use a weight that will push you when you’re hitting 15 to 20 rep sets.”

Move Every Day

Krahn wants you to know that the myth of the fragile over-50 guy is a load of bunk. He says you should be doing more, if anything, not less. The key is that you shouldn’t be crushing yourself with every workout.

His advice: Hit two or three hard training days per week. For the remainder of the time, stay active. Go on a run or walk, take a yoga class, or opt for your other favorite method of moving.

Be More Flexible

You can still train hard and make gains, yes—but you need to remember that your body has accrued significant mileage, so there’s bound to be some wear and tear. You’ll have to make more adjustments in your routine than you did when you were younger to stay in the game, so don’t be afraid to shift your schedule as needed.

Be smart and listen to your body. Take days off when you need them, and don’t be afraid to swap out exercises when you’re not feeling 100 percent with a particular movement.

How to Get the Max Muscle at 50 Workouts

Want full workouts from the Max Muscle at 50 program? You’ll need to be an MH MVP Premium member to access the full series on All Out Studio. You’ll also be able to access Krahn’s in-depth four-week training program—plus hundreds of other workouts available through MH.