30 Brain Logos to Think About

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The human brain is currently believed to be one the most important and the most main part of the human body. The brain is essentially the man himself as everything depends exactly on the brain: mind, thoughts, character, intellect, feelings and much more.

The brain is the most complex and the least examined human part. Scientists still cannot figure out how the ideas are born, where dreams come from, why there are geniuses and morons…

Brain logos often serve as an indispensable tool to individualize business of its owners, to demonstrate deep spirituality as well as to express exclusive features of corporate style. Using logos with brains creative designers try to represent “invisible as visible” and accessible to human’s perception. Such logos are used to highlight your company, service or products, to distinguish them from others and make them memorable due to special exceptional features which reflect high intelligence of their owner. Logos with brains remain rather popular for a long period of time as the current type of logo is always relevant because it contains the eternal attributes of wise and successful business.


Handbrain logo

Made By Brain

2 Made By Brain

Fit Brains

3 Fit Brains

Reelmind Studios

4 Reelmind Studios


5 zeusbrand

Open your mind

6 Open your mind

Brain tree

7 Brain tree

BrainDamage Music

8 BrainDamage Music


9 Environ-mental

Stitch Brain Clothing

10 Stitch Brain Clothing


11 Brain


12 Brainwash

Brainstorm Creative

13 Brainstorm Creatives

Join’n Pieces

14 Join'n Pieces



Force your brain

16 Force your brain!


17 brainzap


18 Unboxed

Brain Fart

19 Brain Fart

Brain Eater TV

20 Brain Eater TV

Hand Experience

21 Hand Experience

Illustration III

22 Illustration III

Brain Aided™ Wax Stamp

23 Brain AidedT Wax Stamp

Brain in the sky

24 Brain in the sky

Brain process

25 Brain process

Brainz recordings logotype

26 Brainz recordings logotype

Vector brain on shirt

27 Vector brain on shirt

Biruta Ideias Mirabolantes

28 Biruta Ideias Mirabolantes


29 Brainfood

Vector Brain Icon Final

30 Vector Brain Icon Final

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