45 Hat Logos for your Inspiration

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A plenty of companies use a hat in their logos. It can be any kind of hat from a cap to a wizard hat, but chef’s hats, sombreros and top hats are most popular. So today’s showcase is all about hats to give you some inspiration in case you are also going to use this symbol in logo design. What about sphere where it is appropriate to use a hat in a logo? We can say any: bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops, dance studios, etc.

Below you can find a collection of such logos. And they were picked out for you from famous logo directories such as: Stocklogos, Logopond, Logogala.

1. Pink Beard Media

Pink Beard Media

2. Florida PASS Program

Florida PASS Program

3. Cafe Molido

Cafe Molido

4. Sultan


5. Cook Finder

Cook Finder

6. Yomajik


7. Top Hat Wines

Top Hat Wines

8. Hatburger


9. Star Rick

Star Rick

10. Magical Jaguar

Magical Jaguar

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