5 Cool Things To Print Out In 3D You Might Not Have Heard About

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If you look around at other industries you will notice they are all going through the same thing. Technology is advancing so fast and it’s hard for us to keep up. Even though other breakthroughs are pretty impressive do you really think they’re a match for 3D printing at the moment? In the future the sky is really going to be the limit. Perhaps we will have printers that can build entire cities from the ground up, or they might even be able to build things very advanced like space shuttles that can fly us to the space station hotel for a quick holiday.

Image source: Creative Tools

At the moment all of those things are a long way off, in fact we’re not even close yet so there’s no point getting excited. That doesn’t mean what we can do with 3D printers just now is any less spectacular. You don’t need to watch a city getting built before your eyes to be amazed. In case you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with the work we’re capable of at the moment we can look at some of them now. You might not be using them at the minute, but it’s only going to take a while before they’re all widespread.

Prosthetic limbs

At the moment it takes a long time to build a prosthetic limb, but imagine being able to put in some information on a computer and have one print out before your eyes. This is a much faster way for people to get parts replaced because their individual details will already be stored on the computer. You would just need to let the hospital know which part you required and they could have it printed by the time you drive down. It’s also going to bring the cost way down which is always a good thing.

A racecar

In Belgium, a team of engineers have printed an actual chassis for a racecar. It doesn’t go as fast as one at the moment because the top speed is only 88mph, but it’s still a pretty fast speed for a car that’s been printed out. It also only takes 3.2 seconds to reach a speed of 62mph. If you could print out your own car in the future would you do it? You’re going to have a hard time getting it on the open road, but it’s still cool to know it’s possible. I’m sure the big manufacturers will be allowed to print street legal cars.

New clothes

There’s already been a fashion house who have came up with the very first piece of 3D printed clothing. The guys shouldn’t get too excited because it’s a bikini, so you’ll not get to run about down the beach with it on. Maybe you can buy it as a present for your wife? Once lots of independent designers can sit in their office and come up with their own designs it might take off. One cool thing about printed clothing is the fact there’s no sewing, so your clothes should last a lot longer before they come apart.

A replica for your fetus

If you’re pregnant you can go to a Japanese firm and they will print you a 3D replica of your fetus as a souvenir. You’ll have to go for a MRI scan and they can use this to print out the exact fetus that’s inside your stomach. It’s always a nice thing to keep around the house to remember you of your happy time. If you think it sounds a little weird then don’t worry because I’m sure you’re not the only one.

Or a copy of you

This is another weird suggestion, but for some reason there’s people who get it done. It’s also in Japan if you hadn’t already guessed. A company will take your dimensions and they will create an exact replica of your head. Apparently it’s popular to have your head printed when you’re getting married then they are put on the wedding cake. If you did decide to get this done you would need to spend quite a bit of money, something along the lines of $2,000.

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