Benefits Of USB Drive Vs Cloud Storage

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There is a lot of interest that is being generated about cloud computing nowadays. The main benefits that cloud computing offers to individuals and businesses is the availability of storage and infrastructure that can be shared at minimal costs. Thus, everyone wishes to be on the cloud today. Many people are in genuine need of it as it helps to take care of most of their business storage needs as well as other business online requirements like server space.  As compared to older methods of storage like the USB drive, there is much more to opt for in case of cloud computing.

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About Cloud Storage Companies

The big players like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others have entered into the cloud storage business. There are many others who are now competing in its arena. The idea of cloud storage is simple yet ingenious – users are allowed to store the data remotely which makes it easy to be accessed from any device that has internet connectivity. The data can be accessed through server connections anywhere in the world. What are working to make cloud storage solutions available to people? There are data server farms that are housing systems which work in such ways to maximize uptime as well as data reliability. Thus, cloud storage services are invaluable tools for small and medium sized businesses today.

Cloud Storage Limitations

There are of course limitations of the cloud storage services. The main limitation is security and privacy of data. As it is mentioned in the terms of the cloud server provision companies, when one uses the cloud storage services of a company, they allow them to use as well as host or modify as well as reproduce the content in a way that will make the data more suited to their services. Another limitation is the data availability. One is at the mercy of the internet service providers in order to have the right connectivity to download or access the data. Thus, if one does not have connectivity one has their data stored safely but out of reach.

USB Advantage

The USB flash drive in that case, allows portability of data wherever one goes. With the large sized storage USB drives available, one can store large quantities of data in such drives. Thus, one can download such data from any system and be on the move. The software programs on the USB drives ensure that the data does not get corrupt. Thus, that makes it a reliable source of data storage that is available for download and use anywhere one goes.

Comparing The Two

When one compares cloud storage to USB storage media, the latter makes business data susceptible to being stolen or mishandled. Anyone can gain access to the files stored in such medium though password protection option is available in such drives these days. On the contrary, the cloud storage medium allows more security of data. One does not need to ensure physical storage of any drive in such a case and there is additional server features to avail of when one takes up cloud storage services.

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