Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services 2023

Eating healthy isn’t always easy—especially when takeout is just a few taps away—but the best healthy meal delivery services can help you stick with your health goals this year. There are two main types of services to choose from: Kit-style meals, which include pre-portioned ingredients you cook yourself, or “heat and eat” dishes that just need a few minutes in the microwave or oven. Either option makes meal planning exponentially easier, and these meal delivery services are healthier and often more cost-effective than ordering delivery several nights a week.

When you’re searching for the best healthy meal delivery services for yourself or your family, you’ll find that there are more choices than ever. Many companies offer options compatible with specialty diets like paleo, keto, vegan, organic or gluten-free, and most services have several plans, allowing you to choose the number of meals, servings and deliveries to fit your lifestyle—and budget.

If you’re ready to start eating better, the following are some of the best healthy meal delivery services available today. There are options for all different lifestyles, from single people to families and everyone in between, and once you get hooked on receiving dinners at your doorstep, you might want to explore some meat delivery and alcohol delivery services to help keep your refrigerator fully stocked.

  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Families: Blue Apron
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Fresh Meals: Territory
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Keto: Factor_
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Specific Diets: Snap Kitchen
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Singles: Fresh n’ Lean
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Vegans: Purple Carrot
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Groceries: Hungryroot
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For A New Year Refresh: Sakara Life
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Takeout Addicts: Splendid Spoon
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Variety: Sunbasket
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Low-Calorie Dishes: Veestro
  • Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service For Weight Loss: Nutrisystem

Meal type: Meal kits (pre-portioned ingredients, cooking required) and prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: Vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, WW compliant, diabetes-friendly | Cost per serving: $8 and up

If you’d prefer cooking your meals and want to feed multiple people, Blue Apron is the best pick for you. It’s a meal kit delivery service with plans that serve two to four people and offers an ever-changing menu. Though not keto, Paleo or Whole30-specific, the recipes can accommodate vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, as well as low-carb and WW diets. And, on really busy weeks, you can pick from a few premade heat-and-heat options, too. No matter what you choose, all ingredients are sourced responsibly and packed according to the highest safety standards.

In accordance with its health-conscious dishes, Blue Apron offers three meal plans—Signature, Vegetarian and Wellness—and you can choose two to four recipes per week (each recipe serves two people). Most recipes take around 30 minutes to prepare and prices start at just $7.99 per serving and go up to $12 per serving, depending on which plan you choose.

  • Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat)
  • Diet accommodations: Vegan, keto, Paleo, Whole30, and more
  • Cost per serving: $9.95 and up

If frozen meals aren’t your favorite, you might want to go with a healthy meal delivery service like Territory. Its meals are made by local chefs in your area, and they’re delivered twice a week to ensure the food is always as fresh as possible. The rotating local menus feature as many as 90 different items each week, catering to vegan, vegetarian, keto, and other diets, and none of their recipes ever contain gluten, dairy, or refined sugars. Plus, the brand provides a detailed nutritional breakdown for each meal, making it easy for those with specific health goals to stay on track.

The cost of meals varies by location, but in general, you can expect to pay $9.95 and up per serving, and in most regions, shipping is $7.95 per delivery. You may also have the option to select between different meal sizes, depending on how much you generally eat.

Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: Keto, low calorie, vegan, vegetarian | Cost per serving: $10.99 and up

If you’re looking for clean, restaurant-quality food with frequently changing choices, Factor_ is the healthy meal delivery service for you. The company, which offers an impressive selection of keto-friendly recipes and snacks, sends fully prepped meals your way; all you have to do is heat them up in the microwave or oven. Several fresh recipes are added to the menu each week, letting you browse from a total of two dozen nutritious—and equally delicious—meals. You can pick and choose your favorites for each shipment, or let Factor_ put together your order based on your preferences and prior meal history.

If you’re looking for keto, low-calorie or plant-based meals, this service has you covered. Prices range from $78 for six meals a week to $198 for 18 meals a week.

Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: High protein, gluten-free, keto, low carb, Paleo, Whole30 | Cost per serving: $11.34 and up

Snap Kitchen sends you ready-to-eat meals that are healthy and tasty. You can take your pick from breakfasts, lunches, dinners, salads, soups, snacks and sweets. Menu options change regularly, and availability of certain meals is based on your zip code.

Meals can be personalized to fit your dietary needs, so this is an excellent premade option for anyone following a specific dietary lifestyle, plus all the food is gluten-free. As a bonus, each meal comes pre-portioned in microwave- and oven-safe containers, so there’s no need to dirty up dishes. Plan options include your choice of six meals for $82.99 a week or 12 meals for $135.99 a week.

Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: Protein-heavy, keto, Paleo, Whole30, vegan, gluten-free | Cost per serving: $9.99 and up

Fresh n’ Lean is similar to Snap Kitchen in all the best ways: The ready-to-eat food is delivered fresh (not frozen); you can order up to three meals per day; and the meals are diet-compatible with options for protein-heavy, keto, Paleo, Whole30 and vegan lifestyles. While you can order breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners with many services on this list, Fresh ‘n Lean’s checkout process makes it especially easy to supplement a dietary plan if you’re only looking to replace certain meals per day—particularly if you need to stay on track with a specific eating style. Plus, all the dishes are gluten-free.

To start, you pick your preferences then choose whether you want breakfast, lunch and/or dinner five to seven times a week. With prices starting at $9.99 per meal for vegan dishes (and more for meat-based ones), you can customize the meals per day and delivery frequency that fits your needs and budget.

Meal type: Meal kits (pre-portioned ingredients, cooking required) and prepped meals (heat and eat)| Diet accommodations: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free | Cost per serving: $11 and up

Purple Carrot is a plant-based healthy meal delivery service that offers vegetarian and/or vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and “plantry” items like almond cashew butter and lemon hummus. For added flexibility, it has both meal kits and prepared meals that you can pick and choose, depending on how much time you have for prep.

You can browse different meal styles, like high-protein, gluten-free and Chef’s Choice, and order three to four meals per week in servings of two or four. Prices start at $11 per serving for meal kits and go up to $13 per serving for prepared meals, but newcomers can score $25 off their first box.

What the editors say: “Whether you’re a busy vegan, an aspiring-vegan or just looking for a way to substitute more plant-based alternatives into your diet, Purple Carrot is for you. Vegan food can feel intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the ingredients or just don’t know where to start, but Purple Carrot makes it easy and super delicious. It offers a really nice variety of meals to choose from every week and gives clear instructions that are easy to follow,” shares our staff writer Jordan Thomas. “I didn’t run into any issues with produce quality while I was using it and I also learned a handful of great recipes that are now in regular rotation at home. It’s a little pricier than some other meal delivery services out there, but after trying four different services, Purple Carrot is the only one I’d revisit.”

Meal type: Meal kits (pre-portioned ingredients, cooking required) | Diet accommodations: Vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, allergy-friendly | Cost per serving: $11 and up

Hungryroot takes a slightly different spin on meal delivery services. First, you take a short quiz describing your grocery shopping needs—how many people you’re feeding, what types of food you like, your meal habits, etc. Next, Hungryroot creates a recipe plan for you and fills your grocery cart accordingly. Plans start at $70 a week for three two-serving meals, and you can let Hungryroot automatically stock your cart or choose groceries yourself.

A wide range of specialty diets are accommodated, including vegan, gluten-free, keto and Paleo with a selection broad enough to work for a household of different eating styles. Right now, Hungryroot is offering 30% off your first delivery of $99 or more, plus a free gift for life—you’ll receive this item for free in every delivery, even if you skip a week or pause your subscription.

Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free | Cost per serving: $28 and up

Sakara Life offers a simple way to jumpstart healthy eating habits with its 100% plant-based, organic, ready-to-eat meals. The company has a few tiers of meal programs including its Signature Program, Metabolism Reset, and Fresh Start Cleanse—some of the programs even include mind and spirit support and require you to sign up for a specified time frame.

The Signature Program is the most flexible and can be tailored to your body’s needs (anti-inflammatory, energy-promoting, adaptogenic) and the number of meals you’d like to receive. The smallest package available includes one meal for two days at $67, and you can choose whether to make a one-time order or get a weekly subscription. In addition to helping with your dietary refresh, the company’s “Clean Boutique” offers its house line of supplements, snacks and teas to further enhance your health.

Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat)| Diet accommodations: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free | Cost per serving: $9.37 and up

Splendid Spoon offers plant-based smoothies, soups, grain bowls and noodles that require little or no prep time, just heat and eat (except for the smoothies, obviously). With its prepared vegan and gluten-free foods, this service makes clean eating simple and is comparable to Daily Harvest. But one thing that sets it apart is its array of scrumptious noodle dishes—think, sesame noodles and green curry—that can make the transition to healthy eating easier, especially for takeout addicts. Plans start at $97.42 per week for seven meals, $126.36 for 14 meals, or $196.76 for 21 meals.

Meal type: Meal kits (pre-portioned ingredients, cooking required) and prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low carb, low calorie, Paleo, Mediterranean, diabetes-friendly | Cost per serving: $9.99 and up

Sunbasket is all about variety, both in terms of recipes and prep options. The company serves up organic, non-GMO and sustainable meals that can meet the dietary needs of vegetarians, as well as those who are gluten-free or on a handful of specialty diets. Unlike some healthy meal delivery services that offer lots of kits with just a few premade options, Sunbasket has a generous amount of both. This allows you to plan for different time constraints and convenience needs throughout the week while catering to everyone’s tastes.

The menu changes weekly and each meal is categorized with designations like gluten-free, carb-conscious, dairy-free and/or vegan. The brand offers different plan options, but meal kits start at just $9.99 per serving, making Sunbasket one of the more budget-friendly options out there. Get $90 off your first four deliveries, plus free shipping and a gift, with code SEMBMKSPRING90.

What the editors say: “I’m a big fan of Sunbasket’s premade meals,” says senior beauty editor Jane Sung. Besides being prepared using organic and responsibly sourced ingredients, they’re so convenient for a quick lunch during a work day or busy week. I like that there’s a broad range of options to choose from—many of which cater to various preferences and diets—that change up weekly, and they actually taste really good.”


Meal type: Prepped meals (heat and eat) | Diet accommodations: Low-calorie | Cost per serving: $13.99

Veestro recently revamped its subscription service, but its meals are still 100% plant-based. The brand has switched things up to offer fresh—not frozen—meals, and the weekly menu includes a wide range of dishes that are under 500 calories. You can choose to have between six and 15 meals delivered per box, and each serving costs $13.99. 

With a Veestro subscription, the brand will automatically generate a weekly menu for you, but you always have the option to swap in different meals to suit your tastes. Plus, in addition to filling dinners, you can add side dishes and desserts to your box, if desired.  

Meal type: Grab-and-go and prepped meals (heat and eat)| Diet accommodations: Diabetes-friendly | Cost per serving: $9.99 and up per day

If you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery service to help lose weight, Nutrisystem is a well-known weight loss program with several meal plans available. When you sign up for the monthly program, you’ll get five days worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks each week. This includes a combination of heat-and-eat meals, as well as grab-and-go foods like granola bars and cookies. Plus, you’ll also get access to one-on-one weight loss coaching and support. 

There are several meal plans to choose from, including options for men, women, people with diabetes, and those over age 55. Nutrisystem can be expensive, as you can to buy a full month’s worth of meals, but the good news is that if you pay for multiple months up front, you’ll receive an impressive 50% discount—handy if you’re planning to use the service for several months.

How We Chose The Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

There’s no shortage of meal delivery options available today, but if you’ve got health on the mind, chances are you want a service that makes it quick and convenient to eat better. To find the best healthy meal delivery services, we research all the options out there, selecting services that offer healthy recipes—think lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nutrient-dense ingredients, and meals that work within certain dietary restrictions. We read through dozens of reviews for each service, making sure its meals are delicious and that the food is worth your money, and our staffers have also tested multiple services firsthand. We also update this list regularly to reflect the best of what’s out there at any given time; most recently, we edited this article in January 2023.

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