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45 Hat Logos for your Inspiration

A plenty of companies use a hat in their logos. It can be any kind of hat from a cap to a wizard hat, but chef’s hats, sombreros and top hats are most popular. So today’s showcase is all about hats to give you some inspiration in case you are also going to use this symbol in logo design. What about sphere where it is appropriate to use a hat in a logo? We can say any: bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops, dance studios, etc.

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34 Inspiring Feminine Logo Designs

Using a beautiful and charming image of a woman can be a great way of making your logo more unusual, elegant and even sensuous. In this post we are publishing 34 beautiful and creative logo designs which will show you how to use a female character as a main idea of the logo design. You will also see that many designers tend to use  “feminine” elements like flowers, hearts, dresses, or any other parts of female clothing; images of lips and subtle “romantic” colors such as red and pink in their logos.

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10 Typography Sketches for your Inspiration

Before something is created, whether it be a logo or a car, someone usually makes a sketch before they start on the real deal. This is obviously so you don’t have to redo the design multiple times if you want to change something. Even though you’ve made a sketch, sometimes you find that you want to add or change something while creating the final design; well, maybe not with the car, but at least with digital designs.  Continue reading “10 Typography Sketches for your Inspiration”

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15 Typography Designs for your Inspiration

Creative typography has never been so popular as it is today. Graphic designers, typographers, etc – all strive to create something unique, and mind-blowing. If you’re just starting out with typography, you might get put off by all the different types of styles, and compositions – don’t be. Just find a font you like, and try to recreate it. Continue reading “15 Typography Designs for your Inspiration”