Chris Bumstead Gets Leg Workout Tips From the “Hypertrophy Coach” Joe Bennett

There’s no doubt that Chris Bumstead is the king of the Common Physique division, but that doesn’t signify he’s not wanting to boost heading into the 2023 Olympia.

For starters, Bumstead recently thorough his revamped off-period eating plan intended to achieve lean muscle and keep away from putting on any excess body fat. But the four-time Traditional Physique Olympia champion still has gains on the mind, so he linked with the “Hypertrophy Coach” himself, Joe Bennett, to find out a several new methods to increase his legs.

The duo recently teamed up for a decreased physique workout at the Lion’s Den gymnasium in Tampa, FL, which you can look at beneath:

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Chris Bumstead’s Leg Hypertrophy Work out

Here’s a breakdown of the leg routines that Bennett took CBum by:

Device Seated Leg Curl and Machine Leg Extension

For these two moves, Bennett experienced Bumstead include partial reps and pauses among his complete extension and contractions for far better muscle activation. Bennett mentioned this would maximize the mind-muscle connection and intensify the sets.

On the leg curls, Bumstead carried out slow eccentrics (upward stage to lengthen the hamstrings), paused at the prime of the move, and squeezed his hamstrings. Subsequent, he did the leg curls’ concentric part (downward stage to contract the hamstrings) at a common tempo. And on his very last set, he held the hamstring curl in the extension section for 30 seconds to increase the time less than tension.

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For the leg extensions, Bumstead paused on the concentric part (upwards movement to deal the quadriceps) of every single rep and squeezed his quads. He did not drop the weight on the way down and alternatively managed the load to keep his quadriceps less than pressure.

Bennett described that the hamstrings answer improved in the five-to-eight-rep vary. Bumstead wore a belt for his last number of leg extensions to stop his body from torpedoing ahead from the weight’s load at the movement’s top rated.

Pendulum Squat

The pendulum squat is a squat device that lets buyers to carry out the transfer at an angle, placing considerably less strain on the knees and again than other squat variants. For each and every rep, Bumstead paused at the “hole” of the squat — very bottom — then exploded up.

Bumstead says he applied to squat with a broader stance but introduced his legs inward, enhancing his ankle mobility and squat depth. He pushed it to the maximum depth on this motion and desired Bennett to place him on the past rep to assistance him get out of the sticking level.

Device Lying Leg Curl

On the lying leg curls, Bennett encouraged Bumstead to press the quads into the padding (relatively than the knees) to raise the hamstring bar attachment slightly ahead of curling the body weight. He then recommended to force by way of the thighs to bring the bodyweight up.

According to Bennett, this stops Bumstead’s hips from elevating as he receives to the most tough portion of the lift (around the best), which will choose contraction out of the hamstrings. Bumstead did some partial reps to complete the motion off.

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This motion doesn’t have to have as a lot hip flexion as the seated hamstring curls, so it’s not fairly as effective for participating the hamstrings — but it does area considerably less strain on the back again.

Smith Machine Bulgarian Break up Squat

As Bumstead did on the pendulum squat, he paused at the base of this movement in advance of lifting the bodyweight. He then moved with just his system bodyweight for a burnout set to tiredness his leg muscle groups fully.

The Smith device Bulgarian split squat is an exceptional unilateral motion that engages the reduce entire body muscle mass, emphasizing the quads and glutes. Executing this exercise on the machine saved CBum a lot more steady to target those people muscle tissue improved.

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