5 Inspiring Packaging Designs

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The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 brought to light some very unique product labels. Companies came together to compete in many different categories; some came out on top, others close runners-up. They all have great potential.



The label for this room cologne was designed by BAS for the Danish fashion company Birger et Mikkelsen. It features the top view of a sea turtle in black with the title of the product in the Courier font above the sea turtle image. Although it took second place in the Home, Garden, & Pets category for the 2013 Design Awards, the product must have been a flop, because it is already on sale for 50% off on ther Birger et Mikkelsen website.

Wines of the World


The Design Awards gave the labels of Wines of the World second place in the Wine & Champagne category. Levernia & Cienfuegos Design played it simple with the labels they came up with for this selection of wines. Each single image on the plain white labels symbolizes the country of that particular wine’s origin, and all the images are created using wine corks. For example, the Australian white wine’s label has a cork featuring koala-like characteristics—a large, black nose and two large ears—made using what appears to be construction paper. Though the labels were created in Valencia, Spain, Wines of the World are sold by the Delhaize Group, a supermarket chain out of Belgium, using its store-specific brand 365. The supermarket chain is known for its products’ affordability, and the use of corks on these wine labels indicates the inexpensive yet creative approach that 365 takes in selling their products.

This Soup Is Not For Sale


The Not For Sale Soup label received second place in the Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 in the category of Prepared Food. It is a transparent label with “THIS SOUP IS NOT FOR SALE” printed in large letters around the glass jar. Though the label design was created in Oakland, California, at the moment this product is only available throughout the Netherlands. The goal of Not For Sale is to promote awareness of human trafficking, a problem still very real overseas. Not For Sale Soup recently partnered with HEMA, a Dutch discount store with over 600 stores in five countries, so the potential for the soup’s presence to spread is rather high. The website says that it is not yet available to purchase online, leading viewers to expect that new development sometime in the near future. The soup comes in four flavors inspired by young women who are training at the Not For Sale soup kitchen located in Amsterdam: Pumpkin Ginger, Cream of Mushroom, Beef Goulash, and Tomato Beet.

Paris Baguette Koffy


Located in New York, designer Karim Rashid created the label for Paris Baguette Koffy. The unique glass bottle resembling a coffee bean is the perfect size for an average serving of coffee. The shape and logo certainly live up to their purpose, and the product comes in two different flavors—Caramel Macchiato and Cafe Latte. Despite the designer’s location and the brand name Paris Baguette, this delicious pick-me-up is only available for purchase in South Korea; although we could be seeing it spread elsewhere soon. Paris Baguette Koffy has received not only third place in Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 in the Non-Alcoholic Beverage category, but a Red Dot Award at Communication Design 2013 and a Gold Pentaward as well.



And finally, last but certainly not least is the OOH OOH AH AH! banana jam collection, which received first place in the Package Design Awards 2013 category for Confectionery & Desserts. The three label designs featuring the adorable faces of Nom Nom the monkey were created by Peck & Co. in Nashville, Tennessee, for a company that’s been coming up with different flavors of jam and jelly since 1985. The family-owned company has this product available in ten shops in Belgium and online. The box includes three jars of different banana jam—white chocolate, rhubarb, and rum and raisin. Nom Nom the monkey gives each jar a jovial appearance with which anyone can’t help but fall in love.


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