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Typespiration is a typography website, where you can design a piece of text, and then share it with people who also enjoy typography, and are looking for inspiration. It’s main purpose is to inspire designers, and help developers with typographical designs.

Typography Inspiration

typespiration - treating typography with respect

When it comes to design and portfolio’s, grids are starting to become more popular than ever. You get the chance to display a good amount of small thumbnails, more than you’d get with a list. The grid-system is used on sites like Pinterest and Typespiration has a very simple and minimalistic web design, with great functionality. When you hover over an image for example, you get information about that specific “types”, like the title & the designer.

The only way to join typespiration is to request an invite. If you’re a designer, and have some type of portfolio, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The website is made by and for designers, so to speak. Typespiration’s main purpose is to inspire designers, so that they can come up with even better typographical ideas.

A “types” Example

typespiration - Types Preview

The website is also useful if you’re a developer, and maybe design is not your best skill, you can simply copy the CSS style of the “types”, or easily see what colors and fonts are being used.

CSS Code & Info

typespiration - details Rafal Tomal wrote an introduction to typespiration on his personal blog. If you’re interested, you should definitely take a look.

I for one will be using this website as often as I can, it’s a great opportunity to get better at combining colors and fonts.

I managed to get 2 of my submissions submitted, you can check them out here:


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