Dentist says this health habit is destroying your teeth

Dentist says this health habit is destroying your teeth

Water you speaking about?

Drinking water through the day is evidently terrible for your tooth, in accordance to a dentist.

Dr. Ellie Phillips, a dentist primarily based in Austin, Texas, posts educational movies to her TikTok account wherever she has 219k followers. 

In 1 online video, which has just about 14,000 views due to the fact becoming posted two times in the past, she discusses why sipping water all through the working day can destruction your pearly whites. 

“This is why sipping on water all all over the day is not superior for your teeth. And this applies to all liquids. The spit or the saliva that arrives into your mouth is the mouth’s most healing liquid,” Phillips described.

“It can support heal your enamel mainly because it is complete of all the minerals that your teeth require and there are also … immune cells and proteins that are important for gum healing.”

Medical analysis backs up her claims. Saliva has proteins and minerals that secure tooth enamel and avoid tooth decay and gum sickness, in accordance to Net MD.

By drinking drinking water all working day you are diluting your saliva and lessening its benefits, Phillips discussed. 

“This is why people today who sip liquids all working day have sensitive enamel, gum recession, cracked enamel. Their tooth are weak, they break, they think they require evening guards and retainers. What they will need is to give their individual saliva … adequate time to interact with their tooth and gums,” she explained. 

Another factor men and women can do to make guaranteed that they are getting more than enough saliva in their mouths is to breathe by way of their noses rather.

Consuming liquids can erode your enamel.

“If you can, near your mouth and lick your teeth, if your front teeth sense dry and let your individual therapeutic liquid in your mouth, it’s totally free, you really don’t have to go any where and get it.”

She reported folks can drink at food occasions or consume additional h2o during a constrained time of the working day so that their saliva has time to accumulate in their mouth.

Her followers were rapid to comment on her video clip, which left some of them scratching their heads. 

“So how i ought to drink h2o?” 1 mentioned. 

Ingesting water throughout the working day can be lousy for your enamel, according to a single dentist.
Drinking water dilutes saliva, which has pure healing homes.

“This is contradictory to ingesting h2o for good digestion. This makes matters extremely baffling,” a different stated.

“So we aren’t meant to consume when we eat, we are not supposed to drink ice h2o, and now we aren’t intended to sip all working day? Wow,” explained a third. 

The Post has achieved out to Phillips for remark.