Don’t let colours steal your shine! Follow these skincare hacks

Holi 2024: The competition of colours — Holi — is listed here! While most of us appreciate playing with organic colors and pichkaris, if you have grown up in a common Indian neighbourhood, you could have come across individuals who experiment a small way too a lot all through this distinctive occasion, iykyk (if you know, you know). And these dangerous chemical substances observed in artificial colours can drastically harm our skin. In these types of a state of affairs, lots of men and women want staying at house, but what if we instructed you have to have not get worried any more?

Opposite to well-known notion, the dry colors, frequently identified as gulaal, can oftentimes be mixed with metals these types of as mercury, copper, or nickel, Rajat Mathur, DGM, Discovering Academy, The Entire body Store, India, tells In addition, artificial colours are challenging to wash absent, sticking to our hair and pores and skin and resulting in skin allergic reactions, rashes, zits, and a host of other concerns, together with scalp difficulties.

Apart from this, Holi is ordinarily celebrated outdoor, which can damage your skin and hair by publicity from harsh UV rays, leading to dehydration, suntan, and other UV problems — making pre- and post-Holi treatment pertinent.

Dr. Chytra Anand, dermatologist & founder, SkinQ & Kosmoderma Clinics, additional cautions that artificial colours can clog pores in the skin, main to acne breakouts breakouts in men and women with delicate skin.

Right here are a several factors to be conscious of right before enjoying Holi, in accordance to the specialists:

  • Guard your skin from drying out by implementing a thick layer of moisturiser with potent elements these as shea butter or aloe vera.
  • For pimples-prone pores and skin, it’s most effective to opt for facial oils with components this kind of as tea tree extract and Edelweiss extract to keep your skin radiant.
  • Use a water-resistant sunscreen that is at minimum SPF 30-50 and wide spectrum, which is a ought to to defend your skin from sun problems.
  • In the same way, for hair care, be certain you gently massage coconut oil to avoid colors from sticking to your hair, building it dry and brittle.
  • Make certain to have on protective apparel as this will assistance minimise direct call with the colors.

Holi soon after-treatment

holi safety tips,holi skincare routine, holi hair care tips, natural colors for holi, how to protect skin during holi Be mindful of these suggestions pre- and article-Holi celebrations! (Source: Freepik)

Write-up-celebrations, Dr Anand advises using a delicate cleanser that can aid clear away stubborn pigments devoid of causing irritation. Abide by this up with a generous application of moisturiser, which will assistance replenish misplaced humidity and soothe any prospective irritation. “In situation, there is any type of inflammation or redness, use a chilly compress,” she provides.

Festive offer

On the other hand, for your hair, it is most effective to shampoo it 2 times with a moderate shampoo made up of components like ginger, shea butter, moringa oil, or bananas, suggests Mathur. “Apply a mask or conditioner for the best possible hydration and balanced, nourished tresses.”

Do not ignore to remain hydrated by consuming lots of drinking water to flush out contaminants and sustain skin hydration, the experts urge. “In situation there is persistent discomfort or allergic reactions, make guaranteed to get in contact with a specialist,” Dr Anand concludes.