Dr. Bobbi Peterson Talks Her Big Mouth Toothbrush [Exclusive]

Dr. Bobbi Peterson wishes you to remember to get treatment of your tooth in concerning munching on people holiday break treats, and she’s obtained JUST the right toothbrush to enable you.

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The next-technology, HBCU-educated dentist has designed the Significant Mouth Toothbrush, generating her the very initial Black human being to design an electric powered enamel-cleaning software.

Soon after a calendar year of going from plan to prototype, the Significant Mouth Toothbrush was produced and garnered rave evaluations from end users who say it feels like an oral “spa massage” owing to the large-width product’s numerous options for greatest dental care.

This celebrity orthodontist who hails from Howard College Dental faculty a short while ago opened up to BOSSIP about her periodontal disease-battling toothbrush, the positive aspects it provides to end users with veneers, and the delight she feels as the operator of her Brooklyn-centered Aces Braces follow.



How did you start out your Significant Mouth Toothbrush business enterprise?

The idea stemmed from a combination of two issues. In my observe, I have an orthodontic exercise in Brooklyn, Aces Braces, and I have a quite superior proportion of grown ups for an orthodontic practice. So, it’s possible three or four many years in the past, myself in combination with my hygienists, we started to notice that there was a increase in the volume of periodontal ailment. Just one of my hygienists arrived to me, and they had been like, “Oh, you know, a lot of the normal cleanings have been turning into deep cleanings.” That was range one particular. I’m like, “Okay. As a dentist, my ears, my eyes have been opened.

In mix with that, I’ve often made use of an digital toothbrush. I usually propose electronic toothbrushes. I really feel like it is surely important for individuals that have braces or have crowns and bridges or any form of restorative dental do the job performed. It is seriously, seriously vital to have an digital toothbrush. That staying said, I observed that the hottest improvements in electronic toothbrushes had been getting smaller and more compact. I’m like, how is this helping that problem? I got on a family simply call, which we have every Sunday with my family members, and I put the concept out there. I want to structure an digital toothbrush and I want it to be even bigger so that it covers more area space. It’s possible this will help with the men and women that really do not brush for the entire two minutes. At minimum, they’re hitting all of the surfaces that need to have to be hit. So yeah, it was a combination of those people items. Which is the reason why I started out to develop the style. Four prototypes later, we received the Major Mouth Toothbrush.


So, the Significant Mouth Toothbrush can help with periodontal ailment because it addresses a lot more place. What has the reception been like for the toothbrush?

So, the preliminary launch was in January of this yr, and there was just so a lot love. Whilst I was producing it, I uncovered out that I was the first Black person to style and design an electronic toothbrush, not just a Black human being, Black lady, but to start with Black individual. At the time that hit, I offered out inside of the 1st thirty day period, which was January major into Black Heritage Month. That was my initially time acquiring trolled on the web and persons currently being upset due to the fact we offered out. To answer your issue, the reception from the Black local community, and the white local community, absolutely everyone was just initially just wonderful.


Chat to us about the value of using care of our teeth. We all know we must go to the dentist and get dental treatment but often we put it off in favor of much more beauty methods like veneers.

Unquestionably. This is why it’s meant to be instilled in us when we’re youthful because you need to have a correct oral cleanliness program on a each day basis. I necessarily mean, I can go on for times about the motives why, but I assume what would truly resonate to a ton of people is we only get a person set of everlasting tooth. You get two sets, but you get one particular set of lasting adult enamel. And if you never take care of them, you commence getting rid of them prematurely. Now, people today generally say, “Black do not crack,” proper? Black unquestionably cracks if you are dropping your teeth. Right away. You see individuals that have the old-hunting faces. You are missing enamel and that signifies you didn’t get treatment of your mouth. Now you’re 30 and you seem like you are 60.

There are a quantity of factors. And not only that, as soon as you shed teeth, if you ever get rid of teeth earlier, your bone dissolves. So you simply cannot do issues like get implants mainly because your bone is structurally going to preserve degenerating. There is absolutely nothing there to hold it. There is no life there. There is no nerves. There’s no root. There’s nothing at all there to keep it alongside one another, so it commences to dissolve. Therefore, the explanation why if you get dentures at a youthful age, it is tougher and more durable, significantly more challenging to in good shape them because your bone went away. There is a restrict.

Why is this toothbrush crucial for somebody who has or would like to have veneers?

Nicely, several dental pros ought to be instructing their people that the ideal alternative would be to keep on to your purely natural tooth framework for as very long as doable. That should be the target, suitable? But I assume in this day and age with social media, and every thing is about how you glimpse, everyone needs stunning enamel. So I experience like there are a lot of dental specialists that form of promote that fast [gratification]. Everyone wants all the things swiftly, so veneers are made fairly swiftly. You can get veneers the following working day if you want. I believe everybody’s with that get wonderful rapidly form of issue. I feel which is the cause why veneers are becoming offered so prominently. But are they always a very good notion? Are you normally a very good candidate for veneers? Completely not. This is why individuals get those veneers in immediately, and then start out submitting their selfies, and then you get that despise which is like, “Man, you received horse tooth,” or, “Oh, they look like Chiclets,” or, “Oh, they are far too white.” That is surely a induce for me. I get despatched so several shots of stars and individuals that have gotten these veneers, and they are undesirable types. Everyone’s not a candidate for veneers.

The toothbrush is actually, actually very good, for people today that have gotten healthcare strategies. It’s also wonderful for folks with braces. If you could visualize the width of the head of a toothbrush is 1.5 periods the measurement of an regular toothbrush. As soon as you put it in your mouth, you are hitting your higher gums, decreased gums, higher teeth, lessen tooth all at the very same time. It literally feels like a spa in your mouth.

Dr. Bobbi Peterson

Supply: Bobbi Peterson / BigMouth Toothbrush

So it tends to make it more of an enjoyable practical experience. It’s a little something you do not really get with a common toothbrush.

It would make you want to brush your tooth.

Here’s a question— one particular point we’ve found in the latest yrs is that persons are lacking their facet teeth. What is that about? It is not the front tooth, not the base enamel, just the aspect. Why has this turn out to be a matter?

That is a hilarious question, and I desire I experienced the appropriate solution for you other than the truth they did not have a Huge Mouth Toothbrush. Another issue that I’ve discovered in my apply is that a large amount of the patients have been coming in to get their tooth aligned. If they already have a house in among their two entrance tooth, they want you to keep it. I’ve [even] had clients appear in inquiring to develop that space [between their front teeth]. I really feel like there are a ton of small variances all over enamel that people are creating, as a rule. And I often convey to individuals. I’m like, “There are specified matters that are regarded the typical,” but that’s undoubtedly a little something that is new that I really feel is going to be the change. That, and purely natural bodies are coming again.


Do you have designs to increase into other issues outside the house of the Massive Mouth Toothbrush? 

This toothbrush is turning into a complete-time career for me. The only new factors that I have acquired in the works appropriate now are… I’m establishing the design and style for a vacation case mainly because it is an digital toothbrush. So when you journey with it, the convert-on button requires to be safeguarded. In Oct of this 12 months, I started selling it in pink. The initial first Massive Mouth Toothbrush is white. We launched a certain sum of the pink specific version Massive Mouth Toothbrush for Breast Cancer Awareness Thirty day period.  I’m also a survivor. I’m a single-12 months most cancers absolutely free so that meant anything additional particular for me to be ready to do that and then some of the proceeds… 40% of the proceeds went to breast cancer recognition.

I do want a black toothbrush for the reason that everyone’s been inquiring me about that. A great deal of individuals like, “When are you heading to get a black toothbrush out?” I’m like, “It’s less difficult claimed than carried out.” A lot of perform goes into nearly anything electronic that is designed exterior of the US, even manufactured inside of the US. There are just a great deal of policies and… The Food and drug administration do not engage in. I uncovered a whole lot from this system. And then I want a kids’ toothbrush. I want to make a kids’ toothbrush. The toothbrush ideal now is good for men and women concerning 12 and 13 mainly because which is when you have the the greater part of your grownup enamel.


What is it like remaining a Black feminine orthodontist operating not only in your subject but also becoming an entrepreneur?

It is wonderful. I sense like the best issue about it for me is when the young era arrives in. When I initial opened my workplace the east facet of Brooklyn feels really Caribbean, quite Caribbean. This is just before I began actually even dealing with celebs and things. A whole lot of the folks that came in there would feel I was a white person since my name’s Bobbi Peterson…

And then you show up.

I want I had a dollar for each individual time I’m undertaking a session, and the mother is expecting to see a white guy, then I say, “Oh, no. I’m not the assistant. I’m Dr. Bobbi.” Then the smile from the individual, the little woman, so she’s like, “You’re my physician?” Then the mom’s like, “Uh.” I wish I had a greenback for each individual time [that happens]. To me, that is what I do it for.

Then due to the fact my social media platform is what it is right now, there are so numerous younger ladies that want to be dentists, that want to be in the dental field, time period. I’m mentoring them via IG and even just encouraging them indicating “Oh, preserve me posted on your journey. Tag me when you get your diploma,” and things like that. I think in my thoughts, I’m like, “If I have time to be on Instagram, I have time to follow up.



Dr. Bobbi Peterson

Source: Bobbi Peterson / BigMouth Toothbrush


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