Enjoy a heart-healthy lifestyle with tips from cardiologist

Christopher Vaccari, M.D., an skilled cardiologist, suggests he often encounters 3 principal challenges with his patients’ heart health: coronary artery ailment, irregular heart rhythms and congestive heart failure.

And all can be enhanced with life style options. The cardiologist has some suggestions to assist.

“The keys are 3-fold,” he said. “Diet, exercising and keeping away from behaviors we know are undesirable for the heart.”

Eating healthier consists of restricting sugar, salt and significant-calorie food items. To get a take care of on these, Dr. Vaccari implies checking the labels on foods. There are also applications that aid monitor the quantities.

Christopher Vaccari, M.D.

A single of the most important culprits when it will come to sugar is drinks. With salt, it is not so substantially what you increase at the table, but the sodium you get in consuming processed food items — deli meat, breads, rapidly food stuff, among others.

Sugary beverages and processed food stuff also are likely to be substantial in energy and really don’t give much in return.