Frank Zamboni’s 112th Birthday – Interactive Google Doodle

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Wednesday’s interactive Google Doodle, celebrating Frank Zamboni’s 112th birthday; may be the most fun of them all. You drive around in a Zamboni, resurfacing the ice.. I know, it doesn’t sound like a big challenge, but you have to keep up with the gas you have left!


Frank Zamboni – the inventor of the well known ice-smoothing machine, the Zamboni. If you’ve ever been to a hockey game, you might have seen a big vehicle drive around on the ice, that’s it. The search engine wanted to celebrate his 112th birthday with something special, so they made an 8-bit video game, and made it available where their usual logo appears. This is one of the things I love about Google, their commitment to history and knowledge. Not many would remember these people, but with the help of Google – their legacy lives on.

You can play the game here, or go to: Google Zamboni Game


The Zamboni is an “ice resurfacer”, and is being used all around the world; mostly in hockey/figure skating rinks. Frank Zamboni even has a place in the U.S Hockey Hall of Fame, even though he has never played hockey.

Frank Joseph Zamboni, Jr. was an Italian-American inventor, whose most famous invention is the modern ice resurfacer, with his surname being registered as a trademark for these resurfacers. Wikipedia

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