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Finding music online is easy. Finding it free and being able to listen to it legally are not always easy. You can use the following 20 resources to find the music you love and be able to listen to it for as long as you want without spending a penny on it. This allows you to have all of the music you need at your fingertips without worrying if you are breaking the law.



This is a site that allows you to find playlists from other people and create your own to share. There are a lot of cool songs that you may have never heard of as users are on the site from all over the world.

Artist Direct


Part of the Rogue Network, you will be able to find music, music videos, interviews from bands and much more. It is all streamed and will provide you with hours of entertainment to listen to from any computer.



This site is updated daily with 10 mp3s each day. The music can vary from top bands to garage bands, so it will require checking the songs out in detail before making a download.

Free Music Archive


An array of music from every genre including reggae, indie, rock and even live recordings.



This site is dedicated to sending out songs for those who are still making vinyls, though they have a free mp3 section as well.



If you’re familiar with 120 Minutes on MTV, this is what the site is aiming for. There are 5 to 7 mp3s released daily and it can be sent directly to your inbox.

bloom fm


Combines radios and music discovery with unique ‘borrow, enjoy, return’ subscriptions. All in one lovingly-crafted, free mobile app.

OverClocked Remix


This is a free site for remixes of video game themes. So while you won’t find any songs from the Top 20, this is a great way to change up the songs that you listen to.



This site provides streaming music as well as music downloads. Many of the songs here are from up and coming bands.


A Swiss based online radio network broadcasting a variety of internet radio channels covering various music genres, time period and styles.


This is a unique plug-in for Chrome that will search music blogs for mp3s so you can create playlists from them without going to the music blogs on your own.

Jango is a website with streamed music radio with a large variety of songs and very few ads. You control the genre that you want to listen to.



This site allows you to download and stream. There’s also a social media feature where you can show what songs you have been listening to with your friends.



This site allows you to access over 20 million songs and videos from around the world. You can download and you can share. It requires a download to the computer, but it is all 100% legal.



Streamed music is what Pandora has been known for. It’s one of the older streaming sites on the Internet and it’s free as long as you don’t mind looking at ads. A bonus feature is that many new car audio systems allow you to stream the music into your car.



This site is dedicated to offering free music in the genres of techno, downtempo and psytrance. You can choose from MP3, WAV or FLAC files when you download a song.

Radio Tuna


This site gives you access to all of the different Internet radio stations out there. You can search the available stations and find out which ones are rated higher by users of the site.



This is a collaborative site offering streaming as well as downloads. Users can choose to share songs with others and find music from newbie artists as well as professionals.

Finding free music isn’t always that difficult, though you have to choose how you want to listen to it. Do you want to stream the music or do you want to download it so you can make your own playlists? Once you decide on this, you can decide how you want to access the music you enjoy listening to – and do so legally.

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