10+ Inspiring UI Graphics

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This is a UI graphics collection, it contains PSD graphics, icons, fonts and various other designs. Designed by some very talented designers.I really like UI graphics and designs, and I try to make my website better every day, whether it’s the content, SEO, design or graphics, I always try to make it just how I want it. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing, that’s why it’s so awesome that there are collections like these, to help inspire people. Also, the designers who came up with these inspiring graphics, were probably inspired by someone else’s design. It’s like a creative circle. I decided to make a list of a few great, UI graphics when I was looking for inspiration over on dribbble.com. It’s a great website, where talented designers can show their work and get feedback. You can sign up for free, however, if you want to be able to submit your designs, you need to be invited by someone. Anyways, it’s a great website if you’re looking for inspiration, so check it out!

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UI Graphics Collection

Sign In Widget

This is a very professional looking sign in form with some transparency.

Your Cart Widget

This is a shopping cart widget, that looks amazing. I’d use it if I were selling something.

Detailed UI Kit

This detailed UI Kit is very minimalistic and subtle.

Alternative Facebook UI

This is one of the best looking social media layouts I’ve seen so far. The banner is crazy good.


This is a very unique looking tab design.

Sliding Tags

This is an amazing tag design, that looks like a ticket of some sort. It actually reminds me of an old movie ticket, inside of an envelope.

Picons Social

If you’d ever need some social media logo icons, I’d get this pack.


A very nice icon’s pack, that would look great on a website.


Another very nice icon’s pack that would look great in an app or website.

Social Icons

Some very retro looking social media buttons.

Footer Detailing

A footer in leather, now that’s classy.

47 Typeface

One of my favorite numeric typeface’s yet, and it’s free!

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