George Ferris + Valentine’s Day = Google Doodle Game

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The Ferris wheel has always been a popular attraction, especially when you’re with a special someone. Today, being Valentine’s day, and George Ferris’s Birthday; Google decides to celebrate them both with an interactive Doodle.

Play the George Ferris Doodle Game

The Valentine Doodle Game is made up of a button, when you press it, two random animals get matched together; you then see a set of images, which shows you how they would interact with each other.

Romance and amusement parks often go hand in hand. In many places a carnival, fair or circus is a popular destination for a thrilling and action-packed date. Coincidentally, George W.G. Ferris Jr., the creator of the Ferris Wheel was born on Valentine’s Day in 1859. This year seemed like a golden opportunity to combine our celebration of love with the birthday of the engineer whose mechanical invention has filled so many hearts with wonder.

George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. was the American engineer whom created the original Ferris Wheel. Wikipedia


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