How she stays looking and feeling strong

Molly Smith loves working out – it’s no secret. When she’s not busy winning Love Island All Stars, she’s often found hiking, running or hitting the gym.

Such is her dedication, she regularly works out five days a week, and she’s no stranger to fitness retreats if her social media is anything to go by.

“For me, exercise is about feeling strong, confident, and pushing my body to its limits,” Molly tells Cosmopolitan. It’s about the physical and mental health benefits, she says, and you know something? She’s got us feeling pretty inspired.

If you too love working up a sweat or you’re looking to refresh your gym routine, then you’re in luck. Molly just shared her workouts with us, aka she dished the deets on how she stays in such incredible shape. In keeping with her emphasis on the importance of feeling as strong as you look, Molly also opened up about her approach to nutrition and how she fuels her workouts.

For Molly, fitness is clearly a passion. She’s even launched her own fitness plan, Move with Molly, which focuses on eating and training (more on that later). But, as a quick reminder, no two bodies will ever look the same way, even if you follow identical workouts – and that’s something to celebrate, every body shape and size deserves love and respect. So, while it’s super fun to nosy at celeb workouts, the key is finding movement that works for you and makes you happy. Oh, and do check in with your GP if you’ve not exercised for some time or have any concerns.

Now, here’s how Molly approaches her fitness regime and diet…

What is Molly Smith’s workout routine?

Molly mixes things up

Yes, Molly loves to move a lot but that doesn’t mean she always spends her time in the gym. “I mix it up with gym sessions, home workouts, and outdoor activities like hiking or running,” she explains. “On gym days, I focus on different muscle groups and incorporate a variety of cardio and strength training. Outside the gym, I love going for long walks or doing yoga to stretch and unwind.”

Of course, everyone will have different goals in the gym. For Molly, a longtime gym lover, her key aims include improving her strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, and she’ll challenge herself to try everything from HIIT and circuits to weight training and yoga.

She loves full-body gym sessions

When Molly is training in the gym, each session forms part of a bigger plan. “Muscle groups are split up throughout each week to ensure balanced development and optimal recovery.” It makes sense then that her fitness plan follows a similar structure. In the three sessions a week plan, for instance, sessions one and two focus on full-body workouts, while session three targets your core. The goal is to work each muscle group without overtraining, Molly explains. “As you enter week four of the programme, you will focus on specific lower and upper body groups,” she adds.

Steps, steps and more steps

Molly loves to get her steps in. “I make it a point to get outside for a run or a walk a few times a week. Not only does it provide a change of scenery, but it’s also a great way to clear the mind while getting in some extra cardio,” she reveals. “I find variety is key in staying motivated and seeing progress, so I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself and keep things interesting.”

Recovery is key

Rest and recovery is a key priority for Molly. In particular, she enjoys stretching and meditating, but don’t forget it’s important to relax away from the gym too. In the Love Islander’s case, nothing beats a soothing bath or downtime with family and friends. So, yes, she has an active lifestyle but she also makes time for other activities that bring her joy.

What do we know about Molly Smith’s diet?

Molly is all for meal prepping

“I believe in fuelling my body with healthy, balanced meals to support my workouts and general health,” shares Molly, whose diet includes all the usual healthy-eating culprits (think whole foods, plenty of fruits and veg, lean protein, and carbohydrates). “Meal prepping helps me stay on track during busy weeks,” she says.

She goes all out on breakfast

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to start the day right, but know Molly takes her brekkie seriously. A few of her faves include a spinach and mushroom omelette and overnight oats; the latter, she says, is her go-to during busy days, which she enjoys with added fruit and chia seeds. “I find it gives me a needed energy boost to the start of my day.”

Anyone for a smoothie?

Molly’s also known to enjoy a berry banana smoothie for her breakfast or for a mid-day pick-me-up, which is little surprise as she’s big on hydration.

Other snacks she enjoys include carrot sticks and hummus or apple and peanut butter, both of which she favours as they’re quick and easy when she’s on the go.

“When I have some more time on my hands, I like to prepare my almond and cranberry or chocolate energy balls to take to the gym with me as they’re great for helping you fuel or recover from a workout,” Molly adds.

Dinnertime is for family

Cooking holds a special place in Molly’s heart, especially when she gets to prepare a meal for her loved ones. When she’s cooking for the family, expect to find dishes like coconut curry cod with rice or garlic butter prawn pasta on the menu. She also gives homemade fish and chips as one of her favourites. As Molly says, “It’s a classic.”

What is Move with Molly?

In case you missed it, Molly has teamed up with her fave personal trainers to launch her own fitness plan, Move with Molly.

She explains: “Expect a wide range of dynamic workouts for both the gym and at home, designed to suit a variety of different lifestyles. There are 3 plans to choose from, one for the gym, one for home, as well as a combined gym and home plan. The workouts within each plan were designed based on my own training routines and experiences. We wanted to offer something for everyone, whether you prefer HIIT, circuits, or booty workouts. Each workout is led by myself and my incredible team of personal trainers.

“The programme also includes nutritional guidance to help guide people on how best fuel their bodies before and after the workouts, which includes some of my go-to recipes, including vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten options.”

Move with Molly is available now. The Gym Plan (6 weeks) costs £39.99, the Home Plan (6 weeks) costs £39.99, and the Home & Gym Plan (12 weeks) costs £69.99.