How to Customize Facebook Business Pages to Engage your Audience

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Facebook has acquired the reputation of being one of the most visited sites in the world. Today, it is the second most visited site. Obviously, it is one of the top choices of marketing professionals. To help them, Facebook has introduced a feature called business pages that you can create for promoting your brand or company.  Over time, marketers have come up with different ways of using Facebook pages for marketing purposes. Here are some tips that will help you in customizing your Facebook business pages to keep your audience engaged.

Five-Step Strategy

  • Firstly, you must build a Facebook page
  • Next, you must post high quality content on a regular basis
  • While doing so, highlight some of the major points
  • Sponsor page posts and expand your reach
  • Review page insights on a regular basis

Building Your Facebook Business Page

Go to and click on the link that says “Create a Page”. The instructions for creating a business page are provided on the site. If you are still unable to get a hang of process, you can Google it. There are resources that provide step by step instructions for creating attractive business pages on Facebook.


Post High Quality Content

An important factor to keep the audience of your Facebook pages engaged is to post content of high quality. High quality here implies content that is interesting, informative and free of plagiarism. You can actually post updates about your company, any interesting events or inventions that are happening in the niche to which your company belongs to. The bottom line here is to make sure that you keep the audience interested in your Facebook page.


Highlight the Major Points

Use your Facebook business page to highlight any important points that you want to convey to the audience. For example, if there is a milestone that your company crossed or an achievement, highlight it on your Facebook page. It will not only convey the message to your audience but also portray your successes and achievements. This is a great way of developing your reputation, which is very important in the business arena.


Promoting Your Facebook Posts

To increase the visibility and reach of posts on your Facebook business page, make sure that you promote them regularly. If not all, at least promote the posts that talk about the milestones and achievements of your company. Promoting posts requires a small budget and make sure that you set that aside in your monthly budget plan. Even though it might not cost you a lot, the return on investment you are going to be getting will be significantly high.


Checking Page Insights

Keep checking the visitor stats on your Facebook business page regularly. If you are doing it right, the numbers will be good. Keep up the good work while trying to find out new ways to improve, just to keep things interesting and non-monotonous. If the numbers are bad, it is an indication that you are not managing your Facebook page right. It is an indication that you should analyze your mistakes and try to fix them as soon as possible.


Grace Beckett is a Content Strategist and Senior Writer with Godot Media - A Content Marketing Firm. She works with small and mid- sized businesses, helping them create a solid Internet footprint. She has also helped many online businesses develop a web content strategy. Her other interests, besides internet and content marketing, are fashion and technology.