How To Do The Reverse Lunge (Leg Kick)

You don’t have to have to be a martial arts enthusiast to try the reverse lunge (leg kick) but if you want more action in your leg exercise sessions, very well, this would be a good way to do it. The concept of together with a entrance kick is to get some more quad flex in the non-working leg all through bodyweight lunges and potentially the finest reward is a improved brain-muscle relationship and functional education. On top of that, reverse lunges are a lot easier on the knees which implies they’re normally a improved choice for heavier individuals and all those who usually knowledge knee pains.

Look at out our full reverse lunge (leg kick) exercise session guideline down below for in-depth instruction, positive aspects, variations and options, programming and best loading strategies.

In This Work out:

  • Concentrate on Muscle Team: Gluteus maximus
  • Variety: Toughness, hypertrophy, coordination
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Gear: Bodyweight 
  • Problems: Intermediate

How To Do The Reverse Lunge (Leg kick) 

A bit more complicated in execution in comparison to the standard reverse lunge, incorporating a front kick suggests you need to be additional focused to get the greatest outcome. In any other case, you’re throwing away a perfectly great strategy.

Beneath are in-depth move-by-phase instructions to enable you accomplish reverse lunges with a entrance kick the appropriate way.

Notice: Before attempting the reverse lunge (leg kick), we highly recommend that you do a couple of minutes of gentle exercise these types of as other decreased system routines, significant steps, or even a limited mobility exercise to warmup your hips and other muscle groups groups.

Stage 1: The set up

  • Stand with your ft distribute about hip width aside, toes pointed straight forward, and arms bent at a 90-diploma angle for balance.

Phase 2: Pre rep preparation

  • Just before you drop down into the split squat, you want to brace your core muscles to stabilize your spine and guard your lower back again. Check out to preserve a rigid midsection and only relax when you return to the standing place among each repetition.

Phase 3: Split squat

  • Bend slightly at the hips, bend your knees and fall your butt down to the floor as you consider a move back again with possibly foot a several feet driving your entire body. Descend into a squat right up until your front leg is just under or correct at parallel to the floor. Check out to preserve the knee of your front leg from transferring far too significantly ahead more than your ft. Despite the fact that it is not a significant deal if you have nutritious knees.

Suggestion: Stay clear of letting the knee of your again leg slam into the ground as it can be agonizing or lead to your knee to be messed up for a when.

Step 4: Reverse lunge into leg kick 

  • Generate the foot of your front leg into the ground and stand up out of the squat. As you transition again to the standing placement, simultaneously convey the rear knee up in entrance of you at approximately hip top then lengthen your foot forward and kick your toes ahead at hip height or bigger if you can do so properly. 

Phase 5: Repeat with the identical leg 

  • Deliver your extended leg (kicking leg) back behind your system into the lunge placement. Do not reset your toes to the hip width starting up situation. You want to transition right into the lunge and repeat until finally you have finished a single set. 

Step 6: Change legs and repeat 

  • Really do not fail to remember to change legs and comply with actions one through five.

Professional idea: Your degree of hip mobility and flexibility will identify the height of your kick. Really do not be discouraged if you are not able to go that superior and really do not power it as you can pull a muscle mass.

Examine a comprehensive online video demonstration of the reverse lunge (leg kick) underneath. 


Lunges are genuinely a will have to-have for reduced body coaching. These are causes why you could possibly want to take into account this variation in your coaching. 

A good ass

Nothing is worth than the old pancake butt or one that resembles a double doorway fridge. In our feeling, handful of physical exercises can conquer lunges for butt teaching and you will know because of how sore the are after a exercise session.

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Establish the quad teardrop

Lunges are also a single of the best quad-creating exercise routines that you can do to construct the very-sought following teardrop condition on the decreased quads around the kneecap. Driving by way of your ft up and out of the squat situation of the lunge demands weighty involvement of these muscle groups and we endorse introducing fat for even improved final results. 

Although the front leg advantages the most throughout lunges, the leg kick variation also can help to encourage far more of the rear leg as the knee extends and contracts the quads through the entrance kick. 

Develop coordination and harmony

Lunges can be challenging on their individual mainly because they have to have balance and you will know if you have finished them. Effectively, including a leg kick will make it even much more tough. Specifically mainly because for this variation, you will not be resetting prior to each individual repetition. You have to fall correct back again down into the lunge position in advance of each individual rep. 


There are a few drawbacks of the reverse lunge (leg kick) having said that, it’s however a excellent leg physical exercise that most folks can advantage from.

Demands flexibility and mobility 

Unless you can elevate your legs to about hip top, you’re most likely throwing away your time simply because the workout doesn’t feel to be as productive if you’re just doing a reduced kick. We suggest doing work on your hip mobility and being adaptable and mobile general.

Variations and Alternatives 

The reverse lunge and its versions ought to be a staple in your reduced overall body training regime since it definitely is that efficient and a person of our prime work out alternatives. Check out these versions in addition to a couple choices that we advocate. 

1. Reverse lunge substantial stage

Here’s an thought if you are not able to carry out a entire front kick out of the reverse lunge, do a significant stage instead. You continue to need to have a simple degree of reduced boy mobility but this is a good progression if you’re not pretty completely ready for the front kick. 

2. Reverse lunge (kickback) 

Even though lunges are a glute significant exercising all on their own you can increase a rear kick to activate the butt muscle tissue a very little much more. 

To do it: 

  1. Drop down into a reverse lunge.
  2. Stand up from the lunge and quickly kick your leg up driving you squeezing your glutes at the same time. 
  3. Reset your feet back again to the hip width starting up placement and repeat for the suitable selection of reps. 

Do not fail to remember to change legs and do the other aspect. 


3. Ahead lunge

The ahead lunge might be the most widespread variation and some people prefer it. Although it’s commonly considered that the reverse lunge is greater for the knees simply because the stage ahead could produce a lot more influence on the joints. Forward lunging is also more versatile (e.g., walking lunging), and arguably superior when you want to incorporate body weight as it feels much more organic. 

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4. Seated equipment leg extension 

We just cannot assume of a better alternate to the reverse lunge (leg kick) than leg extensions. Why? Since you are simulating a movement identical to the kick but with resistance. This is a considerably greater muscle creating alternative but the downside is you have to have a committed equipment. 

Programming Reverse Lunges (leg kick) In Your Instruction Regime

This is where by factors get interesting mainly because now you get to program the reverse lunge (leg kick into your exercise sessions) and it is a snazzy way to incorporate a small flavor (or shall we say kick) to your lessen system program.

Of system, there are so quite a few selections for such as this motion in your coaching and we couldn’t probably go more than them all. But we did fall an instance leg exercise plan below so you can get an idea of how to incorporate reverse lunges. 

Illustration leg workout 

We also suggest switching out reverse lunges (leg kick) with some of the other successful leg variations that we included over.

Sets and Reps Variety

Bodyweight workout routines are not as uncomplicated when it will come to identifying excellent rep ranges. Which is due to the fact your entire body is the bodyweight and it continues to be constant. Although you can shift your weight making use of a variety of angles but not so much in this circumstance. 

If lunges turn into way too easy for you, insert pounds by holding dumbbell, barbell, a weighted vest or whatever functions ideal for you.

The best vary for muscle advancement is 6-20 reps for lower overall body muscle mass. So consider to continue being within this vary and you’ll be fantastic to go!

Muscle tissue Worked

Reverse Lunge Leg Kick Muscles Worked
Muscle tissue Worked
  • Gluteus Maximus – Gluteus maximus is the largest and most superficial muscle mass that will make up the the vast majority of the dimension, condition, and visual appearance of the butt and hip muscular tissues. It is a distinguished useful and aesthetic muscle mass team. The butt largely extends and externally rotates the thighs and it plays an crucial purpose in aiding us to sustain an upright posture.
  • Quadriceps – The quadriceps or quads for brief is the huge team of muscle groups that make up most of your higher leg mass. It has 4 heads rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedialis. These muscle groups help to flex the hips and lengthen the knees in the course of actions these kinds of as squats. They are also crucial for posture, going for walks, and the purpose of the backbone and pelvis.
  • Hamstring – The hamstrings is a three-headed muscle mass group consisting of semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris. Located on the again of the higher leg reverse the quads, they operate to prolong the hips and flex the knees. The small head of the biceps femoris only crosses the knee joint and not the hip like the other two muscle groups. 
  • Adductor magnus – The adductor magnus is the biggest of the muscle groups that make up the adductor team of muscles in the medial compartment of the thigh. Even though it helps all through adduction of the thigh (limb moves towards the center of the entire body), the adductor magnus also assists with hip extension and medial rotation. It has anterior and posterior fibers that assist it act on the front and back of the leg.
  • Calves – The calves make up the lessen leg muscle tissues down below the knee. They perform to stage the toes down and are athletic muscle tissues. All compound leg actions include the calves. 

Base Line 

If you want to emphasize your quads a very little additional in the course of lunges the entrance leg kick variation is an intriguing way to do it. The profit arrives not from overloading the muscle tissues with a lot of pounds but instead emphasizing complete knee extension and muscle contraction which could aid to improve your mind-muscle mass link which could be an crucial component in muscle making.