How to Give Your Bottles an Aesthetic Look with Personalized Labels

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Whether its bottles of water or wine, a personalized label can transform any liquid into a commemorative or appealing bottle that demonstrates your personality, your business or your brand identity. There are countless different reasons for choosing to print up personalized labels for your bottles, and whatever your objectives with your labeling it makes sense to think about the aesthetics of your design and how a well worked label can complement the style and appearance of your bottle.


Whether its for resale, promotion, or to mark some special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding, personalized labels can truly help shape the look and style of any bottle. But what factors should you think about to give your bottles the best possible look?

Choose a Color

The color of a label is an important factor in how it will ultimately look, and different colors, shades and variations can be the difference between a bottle that blends in and a bottle that truly stands out from the crowd. Depending on the contents of your bottle, the color and design of the label should vary to reflect the image you are trying to portray.

Take for example, a bottle of red wine – it might be the case that you would choose a white label to convey a clear message, while a black label might look more visually appealing for a higher class product. Obviously there are many variables built in to this equation, but color can be an important factor in getting the appearance of your bottles just right.

Choose Your Font

Font is another critical area of personalizing your labels, and one that needs much deeper thought than might at first meet the eye. The traditional view is to go for a clear, easy to read font that gets the message across at first glance, and there are obviously merits in this type of approach.

However, for some purposes the more simple fonts that you might initially think of might seem a little dull or unconvincing. In these circumstances it’s often best to look for alternative fonts that work to convey the right message for your bottles and show the right appearance and visuals for what you are looking for.

Think About the Message


Label design is one thing, but it’s also wise to think about what you actually want your label to say before you dive in two feet first to the design and printing stages. This way you can make sure that the labels you print out not only look the part, but also carry the appropriate messaging for the bottle and its contents.

For example, if you were producing labels for bottles of whiskey, they might have different labeling messages to bottles of vinegar, and so you would naturally expect for different information to appear on those bottle labels respectively.

Remember that once a label is printed there isn’t much you can do about it, so it pays to have a good think about message before you decide to confirm your order.

Be Sensitive To Its Contents

The eventual contents of the bottles, whatever they may be, are of significant importance in how your labels will look, and you should always think about what’s inside the bottle and how that might transfer across to the design and appearance of the labels that you print.

For example, thinking about the color of the contents can influence the color of label you choose – after all, what looks good against a clear glass bottle might look complete different against bright green contents. The key here is to be sensitive to the contents of your bottles as much as possible and to factor this in to the design decisions you eventually make.


When designing your own labels, for any purposes, one of the best things you can walk away with is that sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve shared a personal touch. When the opportunity to put your own individual stamp on things arises, you should try to reflect as much of your personality as possible in the design to make for the most unique, quality, stylish labels possible.

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