How To Take Great Landscape Photos

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When photographing a landscape, you can choose to document anything from the change in seasons to a specific event, such as a sunrise; the options are endless, and this means that people can get very creative with regards to how they go about it.

Image credit: iakov / 123RF Stock Photo

There are a few ways to improve the results that you get when you photograph a landscape, however, and they include the following;

Using a Tripod

If you are looking for a perfectly still shot, a tripod can really come in handy, especially if you are using a slower shutter speed. Some of the experts prefer to make use of tripods even though they are experienced with fast shutter speeds, and this is because of the stability that this equipment can offer them.

Consider The Foreground

When you consider interesting facets within the foreground and bring them to life, you will often be able to get an element of depth to enter into the picture.

Leading The Eye

As with paintings, a photographer is the one that controls where the viewer’s eyes are led as they begin viewing the work of art, and this can be an exciting challenge to take on. Whenever you are about to take a picture, you might want to carefully consider how you are going to be leading your viewers so that you can pick lines that will help you do just that.

Choosing Your Focal Point

A photograph needs to have a focal point; otherwise the viewer’s eyes will continue to wonder around the picture without being able to rest on anything of interest. The reason behind the photograph is usually the focal point; this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be centered in the picture. In some instances, focal points are people, while in other cases, they can be plants, buildings or even a sunrise. At the end of the day, it is up to the photographer to become inspired and use their inspiration as the focal point for a picture that will tell a story or evoke an emotion in the viewer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just as with any art, practice is an important component of taking a great picture, and so it is up to individuals to constantly try and enhance their abilities by taking photographs of the moments, objects, people or places that continuously inspire them and others. With every photograph, you might be one step closer to taking the perfect picture, so keep working at it.

Matt and his wife Brenda are photographers based in Surrey UK. They regularly shoot at venues such as The Lensbury and Addington Palace.