How-To Transfer Joomla To WordPress In 3 Easy Steps

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I decided to write an how-to guide on how you can transfer articles from Joomla to WordPress. It took some time, but I finally managed to get all my articles from Joomla to WordPress. It’s a very detailed guide, so you shouldn’t have any problem with following it. Good luck!

Joomla to WordPress

When I wanted to migrate from Joomla to WordPress, I searched the web for guides on how-to. There are a few guides that exists already, however most of them doesn’t work because they’re out-of-date. So I thought that I would explain how I transferred all my articles from Joomla to WordPress.

Why is WordPress better? If you want a blog, look no further. It’s the most used CMS for blogging. It also has thousands of different plugins that will help you with SEO, cache, comments, sharing and much more.

Why migrate from Joomla to WordPress? Before I transferred my Joomla articles to WordPress, I was constantly looking for guides and tutorials on how to change different features of my website, without any luck. Also, there aren’t too many, good and up-to-date plugins that work right away, unless you pay for it. That’s probably the best part about WordPress, there’s always a tutorial or guide if you want to change something and there are free plugins for almost everything you may want to add.

What will I accomplish if I follow this guide? You will transfer all your Joomla Articles into WordPress Posts.

Transfer Articles From Joomla To WordPress

1. Export a Joomla Database Table

Open cPanel > phpMyAdmin.

After that, select the table you want to export, in this case jos_content, that’s where all the Joomla articles are located. Now, you have downloaded the table containing the articles.

from joomla to wordpress export database
joomla to wordpress export database 2
joomla to wordpress export database 3

2. The “FG Joomla to WordPress” – Plugin

You can get this plugin, by going to your WordPress Admin panel, located at

Go to the menu-item called Plugins > Add new.

Write Joomla to WordPress in the search field and install “FG Joomla to WordPress.

Note: If you have a WordPress site installed already on your web host you can keep going, if you don’t, you can install a local WordPress site on your computer. I did it this way to make sure everything was perfect before I went live.

3. Importing a Joomla Database Table into WordPress

Enter your WordPress database log-in details and select the options you want, I suggest leaving them all empty, except maybe the one regarding tabs, but that’s up to you. Then let it run and hope you don’t get any errors. When it’s installed. go to Tools > Export and export everything to be on the safe side – this will create a backup of all posts, categories, pages etc.

You’re done!


Install a Local Copy of WordPress

This section will help you install a local copy of WordPress.

If you have Windows, you can install WebMatrix 2 and follow the instructions in the installer.

If you have OS X, you can read how to install WordPress on Mac –

Local: Importing a Table to Webmatrix (Windows)

If you have a Mac. you can read through these steps to get an idea on what you should do. Simply create a local database and import the table.

You are going to import the table that you downloaded from MySQL to your local database.

You can do this by opening WebMatrix and going to Open Site > My Sites > Your newly created WordPress Site. (If you haven’t installed it yet, go to the App Gallery and look for WordPress in there.)

When you’ve started your WordPress site, go to Databases > New Database > MySQL and write in some easy-to-remember log-in details.

When you’ve created your database, select it in the sidebar-list and click on New Query.

In here, you can paste the code found in the table you downloaded. Simply open the table file with any text-editor and copy it then paste it in WebMatrix and click on Execute.


Local: Importing the Joomla Table to WordPress

Enter the “easy-to-remember” database log-in details from before and select the options you want, I suggest leaving them all empty, except maybe the one regarding tabs, but that’s up to you. Then let it run and hope you don’t get any errors. When it’s installed. go to Tools > Export and export everything to be on the safe side.

Now what?

You will find all the articles or now, posts – in the Posts menu-item. You may not have all the images in them, if you used the Joomla sidebar intro-image feature, for example. But at least you have all articles in place. Under Tags, you can find all your “keywords” if you chose to import those as well.

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  • Ribice

    I used FG plugin and can confirm it was successful. I used it to transfer friends website. I feel pretty lucky I never used Joomla over WordPress though :).

  • Matthew

    I’m about to migrate my huge joomla site to wordpress, and want to double-check that the URLs will stay the same. How do I make the URL structure of my menu items in Joomla match the URLs in wordpress?

    • Jim

      You can edit the structure of your url in settings > permalink.

      Let me know how it works out!

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