If You’re Flossing Your Teeth After Brushing, You’re Doing It Wrong

If You’re Flossing Your Teeth After Brushing, You’re Doing It Wrong

We get it. It really is challenging to swap up our behavior. Particularly if we’ve been carrying out some thing a selected way for a long time. For occasion, you can find assistance that you shouldn’t rinse your teeth with drinking water just after brushing. And now yet another new dental cleanliness idea that’s circulating across TikTok suggests you must floss your teeth in advance of you brush them. 

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Many of us, together with me, were being taught to brush our enamel and then use floss to eliminate everything the toothbrush skipped. Even dental hygienists floss following they’re completed brushing our teeth. This raises the concern: Does it make a big difference if you floss before or right after brushing?

This is what the American Dental Association states about when to floss, and why some consider flossing to start with is superior. For additional, this is irrespective of whether you should really brush your teeth right before or after breakfast.

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What is the rationale for flossing 1st?

A little 2018 analyze of two examination groups confirmed flossing ahead of brushing reduced entire plaque appreciably more compared with people who brushed just before flossing. Fluoride concentrations had been also a great deal bigger in individuals who flossed first. But there wasn’t a substantial variation in marginal plaque concerning the two groups.

Flossing can help to loosen plaque and caught food stuff residue between enamel to assist protect against tartar buildup. Sensodyne suggests that flossing prior to you brush can final result in far more particles receiving flushed out from these hard-to-access areas concerning the teeth, whilst also retaining far more fluoride.

What if you’ve been flossing just after you brush your teeth?

If you were being taught to floss your tooth right after you brush, do not fret. As extended as you are flossing as soon as per working day, you might be now one phase ahead, Dr. Edmond Hewlett, client adviser for the ADA and professor at UCLA College of Dentistry, told me. “Dentists just want you to floss.”

It also would not issue what time of day you floss. For instance, if you would somewhat floss in the morning as an alternative of the evening, you can. As extended as you do a comprehensive occupation, it isn’t going to subject when you floss, in accordance to Mouth Nutritious, an ADA internet site.

The bottom line? Just make guaranteed you happen to be flossing at the time a working day for your tooth and gum health and fitness. But if you seriously want to kick up your dental cleanliness a few notches, attempt flossing beforehand.


You can floss in the morning or night.

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Further flossing suggestions

Here are some much more strategies to make certain you’re obtaining the ideal outcome from flossing.

  • Hardly ever reuse a strand of dental floss. It could go away micro organism in your mouth.
  • When flossing, shift to the next clean section of strand for each tooth.
  • You should not aggressively slide the floss into your gums. Carefully wiggle it until it reaches the gum line.
  • Floss in a C-condition involving each and every tooth.
  • Use a water flosser, like this Waterpik, if string floss is far too challenging for you to use.
  • You should not use objects that aren’t designed for flossing — for instance, a knife, a sharp card or a protection pin.

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