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If you work in a field where you type a lot; being able to type fast is something that could prove to be a very valuable skill. Maybe you already know how to type fast, but are you using the proper technique?

Typing properly might sound like a weird statement, but if you use all 10 fingers, you’ll divide the energy it takes to type, across all fingers. For example, I can type 120wpm with 6 fingers, but if I use the proper technique, I’ll be able to type faster, and for a longer period of time. It also means that there will be less energy wasted on “miss-clicks”, since you only have to move your finger a few inches.

The proper technique means that you place your fingers on the middle row of the keyboards, the fingers on the left hand should touch: “ASDF” and the fingers on the right hand should touch: “JKL;”, while your thumbs are resting on the space-bar. You then move the finger closest to the letter you’re about to type; this might sound easy, but after 10+ years of typing “the wrong way”, it’s not.

There are a bunch of online typing tools to help you learn the proper way of typing, and also type faster. Here are a few that I’ve been using.



I’ve been using this for a few days, and I’m already starting to remember which finger I should. It’s basically a typing game, where you learn how to use the proper typing technique, and the best part is that it shows you what finger you should use.



When you’ve learned the proper technique of typing, I suggest you visit 10FastFingers.com – they provide a typing game, where you have to finish as many words as possible in 1 minute. This will really help you type faster, and it’s very addictive.



When you feel comfortable with the new technique, you should definitely head over to TypeRacer.com, you can challenge your friends, co-workers, or other typists from all over the world.


Having a mechanical keyboard can really help with your typing speed, since the keys are easier to press, your fingers won’t get exhausted. I’m using a Noppoo Choc | Amazon.com¬†with blue switches, it’s for sure the best keyboard I’ve ever owned.

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