10 Inspiring Examples Of Volume Slider Designs

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When creating something new there’s usually something missing. This post should help you find inspiration on the design of your volume sliders. It doesn’t have to be a volume slider, it can be any type slider. The important thing is that these slider designs should help you figure out what’s missing with your design.

Volume sliders and sliders in general are usually a part of every user interface, whether it’s on your phone or your computer. Sliders are the best and easiest way to adjust the volume or to skip to a certain point in a timeline.

When creating a slider design, make sure you implement the percentage of volume, so people who use it know what volume they are used to, or if it’s a timeline, how long the video has been playing. You might also want to add a mute button, so people can easily turn the volume all the way down instantly. It might be hard to decide where to put everything and how to match colors and size, I hope these 10 examples will help you get inspired to make the best volume slider you can.

Some of these designs can be downloaded for free, that way you can see how they were made, if you have Photoshop. That should help anyone who wants to learn the technique of creating their a volume slider.

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Volume Slider by krishnachaitanya

Volume Slider by Jonathan Moreira

Colorful ui slider by Liam McCabe

Blue Slider by Tim de Groot

Slider with progress display by Ilja Miskov

Volume Slider by Corey Haggard

Volume  Slider by Howard Pinsky

Ski Slider by Cazoobi

Simple Clean Slider by Wendell Fernandes

EQ Sliders

I included this more advanced equalizer slider design to help anyone who want to make one, it may also help those who want to make a vertical slider, instead of the traditional horizontal design.

I hope these are enough to inspire your volume slider designs.

Good luck, and let me know  in the comments if you have another favorite slider design.


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