Is it safe to exercise during summer? Tips to remember

Typical exercises and a properly-well balanced diet plan should not be averted for the duration of any season of the yr to direct a healthful lifestyle. Most men and women skip training in the summertime expressing that it is far too hot to get some actual physical activity. However, if you continue to keep a several things in thoughts, you could healthily do routines even throughout harsh summertime. Folks frequently want different occasions to strike the health and fitness center or training at home. But, throughout summer months, as the temperature keeps quickly soaring, somewhat than one’s preference, you ought to also contemplate the weather or the intensity of the heatwave.

These are some suggestions that you could comply with to get pleasure from workout sessions even all through the summer months:
1. The most popular hrs are from 10 am to 3 pm. So, it is improved to avoid functioning out at this time.
2. In summer, the ideal time to do the job out is early in the early morning. In situation you are unable to wake up early, check out operating out following sunset.

3. Have on loose cotton outfits while functioning out as darker shades would absorb much more warmth.
4. Make positive to consume at the very least two eyeglasses of h2o prior to working out.
5. Generally have h2o bottles even if you are working out at a gymnasium or your property.

6. Do not forget to drink drinking water at normal intervals to keep your physique hydrated.
7. You could drink additional drinking water following completing the exercise routine session.

Merely consuming basic drinking water is not plenty of in the course of summer months as electrolytes and salt are dropped from the overall body via sweat. Electrolytes are minerals that support in balancing the fluids in the entire body. Sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium are some of the electrolytes that the physique demands. Follow these routines to guarantee that your physique is supplied with enough electrolytes.
1. The sweltering warmth and above-perspiring may lead to dehydration. So, make absolutely sure to consume at least 2 – 3 litres of h2o in a working day. Up to 30 – 35 ml of drinking water is essential for a kilogram of overall body bodyweight.

Wear sun shades or shades that can block up to 99% ultraviolet solar rays to shield your eyes. Picture: Shutterstock/Way of life Vacation Photo

2. Unfastened cotton outfits are comfortable in the course of summertime.
3. Avoid immediate sunlight exposure concerning 11 am and 3 pm.
4. Wear sunglasses or shades that can block up to 99% of ultraviolet sunlight rays to safeguard your eyes.

5. Alcohol and espresso should really be strictly prevented as they trigger serious dehydration.
6. Implement sunscreen to protect your skin from unsafe UV rays. Sunscreen lotions or lotions of SPF 30 and over really should be utilized to the deal with and body to stop sunburns.
7. Take in light-weight foods in modest parts at normal intervals. Significant foods that are wealthy in carbohydrates and excess fat increase body warmth. So, fruits like oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, ripe mangoes and cucumbers that have drinking water articles as very well as greens must be strictly bundled in your every day diet regime.

8. Vegetable soups, buttermilk, cumin-infused h2o and tender coconut drinking water nourishes the entire body. Buttermilk and curd ought to be eaten everyday to retain the physique awesome and refreshed.
9. Say ‘no’ to spicy and sour meals as very well as masala and fried food stuff. In the meantime, sweet, bitter and umami food items could be eaten in moderation. Steamed food things like puttu and idiyappam are very best throughout summer.
10. Aerated drinks that are loaded with sugar and synthetic colourants must be prevented.


Vegetable soups, buttermilk, cumin-infused water and tender coconut h2o nourish the physique. Photograph: iStock/CameraChemistry

11. Use green chillies that are a lot less spicy alternatively of pink chillies. Clean ginger could swap dried ginger.
Good exercise and a healthy eating plan are the ‘magic pills’ that could defeat any health and fitness challenges or soreness for the duration of summer months. It increases physical overall health and physical fitness while boosting your self confidence and psychological peace.
(The writer is a physical fitness coach at King Leo’s Fitness Centre and School of Fitness Science in Kottayam.)