Is TikTok’s Cottage Cheese and Mustard Diet Healthy?

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Persons are declaring the viral TikTok foodstuff development has helped them drop weight and greater their power level, but nutritionists say there are execs and downsides to look at. Illustration by Ruth Basagoitia
  • The mustard and cottage diet plan has absent viral on TikTok with more than 380m views on the #veggieswithmustard hashtag.
  • It consists of meals created up of mustard, cottage cheese, uncooked veggies, and sausage.
  • The eating plan is superior in calcium, protein, and fiber and may perhaps direct to bodyweight reduction.
  • Nutrition experts take note the food plan fad is superior in sodium and could persuade disordered taking in and suggest pursuing a balanced consuming pattern for over-all overall health.

Mustard and cottage cheese might not audio like the tastiest of combos, but this foodie pattern has been taking TikTok by storm.

Began by influencer Tiffany Magee, the development sees people today making use of copious quantities of mustard and cottage cheese as a dip for sausage and uncooked greens.

Not only are they declaring that it is exceptionally delicious, but numerous are also indicating it’s aided them lose a substantial amount of money of weight — and improved bloating and electrical power concentrations much too. Magee herself reported she’s missing 80 kilos by eating the food just about every working day.

The #veggieswithmustard hashtag has racked up additional than 380m sights, so just how nutritious is this meal? And can it definitely help with sustainable excess weight loss?


Let us start with the superior stuff. The mustard and cottage cheese craze actually has quite a several redeeming qualities, nutritionally speaking.

“Cottage cheese is an fantastic and easy source of protein and calcium,” details out registered dietitian at Major Diet Coaching, Danielle Smith.

“The sausage also offers protein which is essential for sustainable fat loss and supports secure blood sugar ranges, a lot more steady power concentrations, and target all through the working day.”

In the meantime, the veggies give fiber which contributes to a feeling of fullness. They also help liver perform and combat inflammation.

Even mustard has some as well as details. “Mustard can be a wonderful way to increase flavor to foods (like cottage cheese) with out introducing a great deal of energy or harmful fat,” Smith claimed.

“As effectively as that, mustard seeds include various antioxidants, this sort of as phenolic compounds and flavonoids, which assistance neutralize destructive free of charge radicals in the overall body and defend cells from oxidative worry.”

So significantly so great, but never attain for that tub of cottage cheese just still.


Smith has a number of phrases of caution. “Cottage cheese and sausage are each commonly high in sodium,” she details out.

Very long-phrase, Smith explained ingesting this way could not be sustainable both due to the minimal carb information.

Registered nutritionist Jenna Hope voiced equivalent fears.

“If the diet program is limited to greens, mustard, a sausage, and cottage cheese, there might be a possibility of dietary deficiencies thanks to a absence of variety,” she described.

On top of that, she stated consuming the exact food items day-to-day can contribute to very poor gut health and fitness because of to a absence of variety.

While the dietary gains of having mustard and cottage cheese on the typical are questionable, quite a few persons are proclaiming on line that they have extra electricity, are less bloated, and are feeling commonly better since taking in this way.

Why may that be?

“This could be because they are no more time consuming other foods which contributed to bloating, somewhat than the advantageous impacts of these foods on their own,” Hope explained.

“For illustration, if an individual’s diet program was high in salt, sugars and refined carbs and they start off consuming additional cottage cheese, greens and mustard they are most likely to be experience much better because of to the reduction in salt and sugars.”

Smith agreed and stated it relies upon on what your diet program appeared like ahead of.

“If you went from having a very processed lunch (assume burgers and fries) or an incomplete food like a bagel with cream cheese, then ingesting protein and antioxidant-prosperous vegetables will definitely make you feel superior,” she explained.

On top of that, veggies have a tendency to be substantial in fiber which encourages additional typical bowel movements, and in convert, a decrease in bloating.

So the mustard and cottage cheese development is not all bad. It is higher in protein, calcium, and fiber.

It in all probability shouldn’t be employed as a weight reduction help and ought to only kind a small portion of a balanced overall food plan. In any other case, it could persuade restrictive consuming designs.

“This is an odd pattern which has some fundamental irresponsible messaging,” Hope claimed.

“It looks as although mustard is becoming applied to mask the flavor of reduce calorie meals and is encouraging people today to eat a additional restrictive diet program.”

If a individual eats this concoction every day, Hope mentioned there is a threat of placing these meals on a “safe” pedestal and creating other meals sense fewer “safe.”

Consuming the identical meals every single day can enhance damaging attitudes toward other food items, she reasons.

In limited? Take into consideration the mustard and cottage cheese food an occasional possibility, rather than the foundation of your total diet program.

There’s no doubt that portion of the appeal of the mustard and cottage cheese craze is that it’s quick and quick to toss collectively. So, what other small-exertion balanced snacks and meals could you have rather?

Smith claimed a hearty salad is a very good choice.

“You could use a pre-cooked bean mix both from frozen or from a BPA-Free can, pre-cooked quinoa or brown rice, sliced avocado or a smaller handful of nuts for healthful fats, leftover veggies from the night time before, dressing of your preference or a minor olive oil and vinegar,” she implies.

A chicken wrap is yet another quick and wholesome alternative she’s fond of.

“Opt for a sprouted grain tortilla, leftover grilled rooster (rotisserie or pre-cooked grilled hen strips do the job too!), mixed greens, hummus, and a tiny feta, with veggies on the side,” she encouraged.

These choices consider minutes to make and include a fantastic balance of proteins, fiber, complex carbs, and nutritious fat.

When it comes to taking in nicely, significantly when taking in for fat reduction, a lot of situations, individuals fixate on just one meals or brief take care of. But limiting your diet program in this way isn’t the ideal solution for your wellbeing and could produce an unhealthy romantic relationship with food.

“It’s definitely critical to come across a stability when it will come to diet and nutritious having,” Hope reported.

“Try to assure that you are including in a huge range of entire foods this kind of as nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, fruits, and greens along with some superior top quality protein, like rooster, fish, eggs, and great high-quality dairy,” she advises.

Smith agrees. She warns towards trendy weight loss plans and endorses inquiring oneself no matter if you see you eating this way 5 a long time or even 6 months from now.

“If not, really do not do it,” she warns. “Instead, believe about your end intention and then steadily make practical modifications that will help you get there.”

The mustard and cottage diet regime has gone viral on TikTok with additional than 380m views on the #veggieswithmustard hashtag. It includes meals built up of mustard, cottage cheese, uncooked veggies, and sausage.

The diet regime is substantial in calcium, protein, and fiber and may well direct to body weight decline On the other hand, it’s also superior in sodium and could stimulate disordered ingesting.