Jennifer Aniston Shares ‘Gentle’ Workout Routine to Get ‘Strong’

  • Jennifer Aniston, 55, opens up about the way her fitness routine has “evolved” over the years.
  • The actress and Pvolve partner shares her exercise tips and the workout equipment she uses.
  • Spoiler alert: You can find her must-haves in the limited-edition Pvolve Essentials Bundle.

If like us, you want to know what Jennifer Aniston does to stay in such incredible shape, look no further. The 55-year-old actress, who regularly gives glimpses into her wellness routine, is offering Prevention even more insight into the exercise regimen and home workout gear that keeps her looking and feeling her best. (Hint: It’s all in the limited-edition Pvolve Essentials Bundle).

Pvolve Essentials Bundle

Pvolve Essentials Bundle

Credit: Brendan Wixted for Pvolve

“I’ve become gentler with myself,” Aniston says of her approach to fitness, which has “definitely evolved” over the years. We’re on a Zoom call, and the actress is lounging in workout attire chatting about how she’s shifted away from the “if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t count” mindset. “I don’t do that anymore,” she says. “I find that I can be gentler on my body and still get the benefits of a great workout.”

Aniston found a way to transform her workout routine with Pvolve—a low-impact, resistance-based, functional fitness training method. She explains that functional fitness does precisely what it says—it helps you “function throughout the day” and “work out your essential muscle groups to keep your body strong,” she says. “So you can live a long, healthy, strong life.”

To celebrate nearly one year of partnering with Pvolve, the brand launched a limited-edition Essentials Bundle, which includes a few of Aniston’s favorite pieces of home gym equipment, including the: P.ball,, P.3 Trainer, Slant Board, Heavy Ankle Band, and Gliders. Not only does the bundle help power a full-body, functional fitness workout, but it also unlocks three months of the Pvolve Streaming Membership which allows members to take part in Aniston’s Spring Challenge (from May. 13 to Jun. 9).


Pvolve P.Ball
Credit: Pvolve


Pvolve P.Band
Credit: Pvolve

P.3 Trainer

Pvolve P.3 Trainer
Credit: Pvolve

Heavy Ankle Band

Pvolve Heavy Ankle Band
Credit: Pvolve


Pvolve Gliders
Credit: Pvolve

Slant Board

Pvolve Slant Board
Credit: Pvolve

When it comes to staying strong and healthy through the years, Aniston emphasizes the importance of core work in particular. “For me, it’s all about the core because that’s what is gonna keep us standing up until we’re in our 90s, or however long we live, and not falling over and breaking a hip, or a shoulder, or god forbid what else.” Her go-to fitness accessory to work the muscle group is Gliders, included in the bundle, which she describes as little discs for your feet that help with exercises like mountain climbers and planks.

Another way Aniston’s approach to fitness has changed? Frequency. “I think I used to think ‘I have to work out every day,’” she says. “I think it’s good to do something every single day—even if it’s just stretching, moving your body in some form, taking a walk—but a really good workout? Three to five times a week for me.”

Still, the star admits that even she struggles with staying motivated from time to time. Her advice? Just tell yourself to move for five minutes. “If you’re struggling, if you find it hard, you can do anything for five minutes,” she says. “Once you just get over that first hurdle of ‘I don’t want to’” Aniston says “it all kind of falls into place” and you can usually keep going.

“I’m not a fitness guru. But that’s how I do it, if I’m really feeling unmotivated, say, ‘Just move at least for five minutes’ and then see where you could go.”

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