Julia Child’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle

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Tomorrow would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday, she was born on August 15, 1912. And Google wants to honor her with her own Google Doodle. She’s best know for introducing America to French cuisine in her debut cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She’s won Emmys for her tv series and Meryl Streep has played her in the movie Julie and Julia

Julia Child

The Google Doodle shows Julia Child standing in her kitchen, with the google letters spelled out in food and pots. The G is in a big pot of water, the first O is a hot stew, the second O is what I think looks like Ratatouille, the G is two turkeys, the L is a fish and the E is a chocolate cake.


Her first meal in Rouen, the meal of oysters, sole meunière and fine wine. She explained it as,

“as opening up of the soul and spirit”

She attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, and she studied privately with Max Bugnard and other master chefs. When she later joined the women’s cooking club, Cercle des Gourmettes, she met Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle who were writing a French cookbook for Americans. To make the book appeal more to Americans, Beck proposed that Julia worked with them. The trio later began to teach cooking to American women in their school L’école des trois gourmandes  which means The School of the Three Food Lovers. She later went on to write more books and make tv shows.

Julia Child's Kitchen

Julia Child’s Kitchen used in most of Julia’s 1990’s television series. Designed by her husband Paul Cushing Child.

About Julia Child

Julia Child, born Julia Carolyn McWilliams. From fourth to ninth grade she attended Westridge School, Polytechnic School, then she joined, a boarding school The Katherine Branson School in California, Ross. She was a very tall woman, 6ft 2inch (1.88m) and that might have given her an advantage in all the sports she enjoyed, she played tennis, basketball and golf. She graduated with a major in History in 1934.

After graduating she started working as a copywriter for the advertising department of the home-furnishing firm, W. & J. Sloane in New York. After 3 years, she moved back to California and spent the next 4 years working with local publication of advertisements.

She tried to enlist in the Women’s Army Corps, as well as the U.S. Navy’s WAVES in the 2nd World War, but she was too tall. So she joined the Office of Strategic Services, as a research assistant working for the head of the OSS, General J. Donovan. When she was posted in Sri Lanka, Ceylon, where she would register, catalog and channel great volumes of highly classified communications for the OSS’s clandestine stations in Asia. She also met her future husband, Paul Cushing Child there, and they married on September 1, 1946 in Lumberville, Pennsylvania. He was also the one who introduced Julia to fine French cuisine, since he had lived in Paris as an artist and a poet.

If you haven’t watched the movie, Julie & Juliayou should. (Meryl Streep is in it)

Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book. Her husband Paul Cushing Child is played by Stanley Tucci and does it great.

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