What Movie Should I Watch on Netflix?

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Can’t decide what to watch on Netflix? Leave it up to Netflix Roulette.

Netflix Roulette Will Tell You!

Netflix Roulette is a service that randomly picks a movie, based on the category you choose.


What TV Show should I watch on Netflix?

Netflix Roulette works with TV Shows as well. Never again will you wonder what show you should watch. Just pick “Show TV Shows” , and spin away.


Netflix Roulette is fast. Designed with speed in mind from the very beginning. It’s able to search through thousands of entries in real time while still communicating with our NFLX Crawler to see if any new movies/tv shows have recently been added. All in a matter of milliseconds. The code is robust and scales with load to ensure that there is never any delay on giving you results so you can truly enjoy your next flick.

If you’ll be using Netflix Roulette, or plan to take advantage of the Netflix Roulette API, you really should consider donating.

It will help make the service better. Think of it as a Kickstarter, but you already have a working product.


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