Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Journey: Diet And Workout Tips Revealed

Miranda Lambert, the famous country singer, and songwriter, known for her songs “Automatic”, “Bluebird” and “Vice”, is truly an inspiration for those looking to lose weight the healthy way. The Grammy Award-winning singer recently opened up about her weight loss transformation, talking passionately about embracing one’s body and focusing on overall health. Let us dive deeper into Miranda Lambert’s weight loss journey and get inspired. But before that, let’s look at the popular singer’s career highlights. 

Who Is Miranda Lambert?

Who Is Miranda Lambert?

Miranda Leigh Lambert was born in Longview, Texas, U.S. When she was in high school, she made her singing debut with “The Texas Pride Band.” When she was 16, she appeared on the Johnnie High Country Music Revue in Texas. She gained recognition in the renowned show “Nashville Star”, where she finished in third place and came to attention. Lambert then released her debut album “Kerosene” in the year 2005, for which she grabbed the spotlight and gained worldwide recognition. After that, there was no looking back for her. She has many hit albums that earned her various awards and nominations, including three Grammy awards. 

She got married to Blake Sheldon in 2011, but in 2015, the couple announced divorce. In the year 2019, Miranda announced that she was getting married to Officer Brendan McLoughlin. 

But apart from career and personal life, something else made her fans fall in love with her even more — her weight loss journey. Yes! Miranda Lambert’s weight loss workout routine is an inspiration to many. Want to know the secrets behind her amazing transformation? Keep reading to know more!

Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Journey

Miranda Lambert's Weight Loss Journey

Miranda started focusing on weight loss when she turned 30. She started working out with her personal trainer, Bill Crutchfield, focusing on both cardio exercise and circuit training to drop a dress size. 

It was obvious that fans took note of the transformation, and many started speculating if she had undergone surgery to lose weight. In an open letter to her fans, she explained that she has lost weight in a healthy and old-fashioned way and that weight loss is not just about a scale but about how you feel and how your jeans fit. Since the amazing transformation, time and again, she has shared the ups and downs she faced during her weight loss journey. Moreover, she admits to being comfortable with her body. She said that as she is 5’4, weight shows quickly on her, but she is now fine with that. Having said that, she gives importance to healthy eating habits to stay in shape. Let’s take a look at Miranda Lambert’s diet and workout in detail. 

Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Miranda doesn’t give credit to any one particular diet. Also, she doesn’t follow a strict diet but avoids eating junk food to stay healthy and fit. 

For breakfast, she usually takes egg whites and fruits and steer clear of bacon and cheese. According to a study, eggs are a nutritious food that not only provides energy to the body but also enhances the weight loss process (1). Fruits also have the same effects on the body – blueberries, apples, pears, prunes, strawberries, and avocados help lose weight (2). 

Miranda loves indulging in green juices and loves eating grilled chicken breast and sweet potato salad for lunch. Vegetable juice, too, accelerates the weight loss process by boosting the body’s metabolism and burning calories (3). 

She also eats fried food once in a while to satisfy her taste buds. There was a time when the country superstar loved eating cereal bars as a snack, but as these snacks speed up weight gain, she now opts for carrots, nuts, or a piece of turkey whenever she wants to go snacking to manage body weight. Home-cooked food is something Lambert loves. 

She swears by her mother’s meatloaf recipe and often consumes it whenever she wants to have yummy yet healthy food. 

All in all, Miranda Lambert’s diet plan is a mix of healthy greens, veggies, fruits, and protein that fill the body with energy. 

Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Diet alone cannot help anyone shed pounds and lead a fit life – exercise, too, plays a pivotal role in keeping a person in shape. Miranda’s workout is a perfect blend of cardio and circuit training exercises. 

She loves doing Pilates and going for a horse ride. Although she doesn’t like running, her husband regularly motivates her to go for a run or a walk. 

Her rigorous workout routine, along with a strict diet plan, helped her keep her body toned and fit. 

Miranda Lambert’s Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Miranda Lambert's Before And After Weight Loss Photos


Miranda Lambert's Before And After Weight Loss Photos

It was the year 2013 when people noticed that the singer had lost weight. While most got inspired by her amazing look, a few speculated that she had gone under the knife to get an easy fix. But in an open letter, she denied all the rumors and told her fans that she lost weight healthily. 


Miranda Lambert, known for her mesmerizing voice, took the world by storm with her spectacular weight loss transformation. Miranda Lambert’s weight loss journey is filled with ups and downs — she focused on eating a healthy diet and working out regularly to burn calories and have a healthy body. As of now, she is at a place where she has found comfort in her body and accepted herself the way she is. Her diet and workout tips are proof that even weight loss goals can be achieved with simple tips and one need not opt for fancy diets to burn calories. 

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