10+ Logotype Designs for your Inspiration

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New fonts are created every day, even though there are a lot of fonts available online, it may not be the font you want. Maybe you want inspiration to create your very own font to use in a logo, on a product or maybe you haven’t decided, and just want to make one. 

Creating  font from scratch may be easier than you’ve imagined, at least when you’re only designing a few letters. As you might know, when it comes to art and design, there are many different techniques that you can use to achieve the same goal. That’s why sketches are among the best ways to see what technique, in this case, a graphics designer used. These font sketches were made by some very talented people over on dribbble.com, it’s a great community for artists, graphic designers and enthusiasts to share and appreciate. This collection will help you get inspired to create your absolute best font yet.

1. aeiou Font Sketch

By Kevin Hamil

2. Zeal Tea

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

3. Living Stream

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

4. Push Popcorn

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

5. “Sketches”

By Juan Arreguin

6. Two Solid

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

7. Slab Kk

By Sean McCabe

8. Return to Life

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

9. “Logotype Sketch”

By Helvetic Brands

10. Stunt Man

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

11. Estillo

By Olga Vasik

12. Sowell

By David Anspaugh

13. Passion

By Eddie Lobanovskiy

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