New manual released to support diagnosis of mental, behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders added in ICD-11

World Wellness Group (WHO) has right now posted a new, in depth diagnostic guide for psychological, behavioural, and neurodevelopmental problems: “ The medical descriptions and diagnostic needs for ICD-11 mental, behavioural and neurodevelopmental conditions (ICD-11 CDDR)”.

The handbook has been developed applying the most up-to-date accessible scientific proof and ideal medical methods and is developed to support experienced mental well being and other health and fitness professionals to establish and diagnose mental, behavioural and neurodevelopmental problems in medical configurations.

“An precise prognosis is usually the initially important action to getting ideal treatment and treatment. By supporting clinicians to discover and diagnose psychological, behavioural and neurodevelopmental ailments, this new ICD-11 diagnostic manual will guarantee much more people today are in a position to accessibility the quality care and treatment they need” mentioned Dévora Kestel, Director, Psychological Wellbeing and Material Use Department, Planet Wellness Business.

The new diagnostic steerage, reflecting the updates to the ICD-11, features the adhering to attributes:

  • Steerage on analysis for various new categories included in ICD-11, like elaborate put up-traumatic strain condition, gaming disorder and extended grief dysfunction. This allows improved aid to wellbeing industry experts to far better realize unique medical functions of these disorders, which may well previously have been undiagnosed and untreated.
  • The adoption of a lifespan technique to mental, behavioural and neurological ailments, such as attention to how disorders show up in childhood, adolescence, and more mature grownups.
  • The provision of tradition-related direction for every single condition, like how condition shows may differ systematically by cultural history.
  • The incorporation of dimensional approaches, for illustration in identity problems, recognizing that quite a few symptoms and diseases exist on a continuum with normal working.

The ICD-11 CDDR are aimed at psychological wellness experts and qualified non-professional overall health pros these types of as key care doctors dependable for assigning these diagnoses in medical configurations as effectively as other health gurus in scientific and non-scientific roles, such as nurses, occupational therapists and social workers, who want to realize the character and signs and symptoms of psychological, behavioural and neurodevelopmental diseases even if they do not individually assign diagnoses.

The ICD-11 CDDR have been developed and field-examined by way of a demanding, multi-disciplinary and participatory method involving hundreds of professionals and hundreds of clinicians from all-around the world.


  • The CDDR are a medical version of ICD-11 and as a result complementary to the statistical reporting of wellness information and facts, referred to as the linearization for mortality and morbidity data (MMS).
  • The World Well being Corporation (WHO) Eleventh Revision of the Global Classification of Disorders (ICD-11) is a international typical for recording and reporting health conditions and health and fitness similar disorders. It gives standardized nomenclature and common health language for wellbeing practitioners across the entire world. 
  • ICD-11 was adopted at the Environment Health Assembly in May perhaps 2019 and arrived into result formally in January 2022.