Office ergonomics: Your how-to manual

Knowing business office ergonomics and arranging your workspace appropriately can assist you feel great throughout the workday.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

If your get the job done will involve sitting at a desk, soreness will not have to be portion of the position. You may well be ready to stay away from some of the health problems linked with seated function, these kinds of as neck and back again pain and sore wrists and shoulders, by employing good place of work ergonomics. Chair height, tools spacing and desk posture all make a big difference.

Use this information to ease anxiety on your overall body, protect your joints and enable you keep at ease as you get the job done.


Opt for a chair that supports your backbone. Adjust the height of the chair so that your ft rest flat on the flooring. Or use a footrest so your thighs are parallel to the flooring. If the chair has armrests, posture them so your arms sit gently on the armrests with your elbows close to your system and your shoulders comfortable.


Less than the desk, make absolutely sure there’s plenty of place for your legs and ft. Really don’t retailer products below your desk, as that can shrink the quantity of available place and make it challenging to sit correctly. If the desk is way too low and the desk peak are unable to be altered, set strong boards or blocks underneath the desk legs to raise it. If the desk is too substantial and can not be transformed, increase your chair. Use a footrest to support your ft if vital. If you never have a footrest, consider using a tiny stool or a stack of strong guides. If your desk has a tricky edge which is not rounded, pad the edge or use a wrist rest. This safeguards your wrists from a dilemma termed get in touch with tension that can occur as a consequence of extended get hold of with a really hard edge.

Keyboard and mouse

Place your personal computer keyboard in front of you so your wrists and forearms are in line and your shoulders are comfortable. If you use a mouse or yet another style of pointer connected to a computer, spot it in just simple achieve, on the very same surface as your keyboard. When you are typing, utilizing a computer touchpad, or working with a mouse or pointer, retain your wrists straight, your upper arms close to your entire body, and your arms at or a bit down below the amount of your elbows. If attainable, established the sensitivity of the mouse or pointer so you can use a light-weight touch on it.


Place the computer monitor straight in entrance of you, instantly behind your keyboard, about an arm’s length absent from your facial area. The check should really be no closer to you than 20 inches (about 50 centimeters) and no further away than 40 inches (about 100 centimeters). The prime of the display screen should really be at or marginally down below eye degree. If you don bifocals, reduce the monitor an additional 1 to 2 inches (about 2 to 5 centimeters) for additional comfy viewing.


Using a notebook pc may possibly guide to soreness for the reason that of the small display screen height and cramped keyboard and touchpad. If you use a laptop at your desk, contemplate obtaining an exterior keyboard and mouse, along with a laptop computer stand, to additional closely mimic a desktop pc set up.

Commonly made use of objects

Retain objects you use normally — these types of as the phone, stapler or printed supplies — close to your overall body to limit achieving. Stand up to get nearly anything that you can’t comfortably achieve even though sitting.


If you devote a good deal of time on the cell phone, or if you generally form or publish even though you are applying the telephone, place the phone on speaker or use a headset. Really don’t cradle the mobile phone amongst your head and neck.

Recall, no issue how very well your workspace is set up for correct ergonomics, sitting down in the exact posture for several hours at a time isn’t excellent for your entire body. Get up and stroll close to as often as you can all through the workday. If feasible, do some work standing up. While you’re seated, extend your fingers, fingers and arms from time to time. Shifting your situation, standing up and going will ease strain on your system and support you stay healthier.


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