Photoshop CS6 Overview

If you have ever edited an image using one of the many photo-editing software solutions, you have probably come across Photoshop CS6. This program is one of the most popular programs on the software market, due to the fact that it features a variety of tools that can make your vision into a reality. Anything you can think of, whether this is a photo, or a video, can be turned into a masterpiece with the help of this software solution.

However, the question is – is it easy to master Photoshop CS6? This is a question everybody wants an answer to. Well, although Photoshop has been created to satisfy everyone’s demands with the least amount of effort invested in any task, many people will have to find a Photoshop CS6 training expert to help them figure out how this program works.

Photoshop CS6 for Beginners


As support to the fact that Photoshop CS6 training is necessary for many people, you will find a lot of tutorials for beginners. There is a variety of very popular so-called ‘guides for dummies’ that offer a complete overview of a certain software solution.

A Little Something about Photoshop CS6

As the number suggests, Photoshop CS6 is a new version of previous Photoshop, namely CS5. For those who don’t know much about Photoshop, this program should have been called Photoshop 13, as this is 13th version. Each and every version of this amazing image-editing program brings innovations and new tools. Did you know that when compared with Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS6 has 60% more features?

Now, this newest version of Photoshop has been evolving for twenty three years, as this is when the first version has been released into the world. Today, we have amazing software that features great tools that are used on a daily basis by architects, web designers, and people who want more than just a regular image.

So What Separates Photoshop CS6 from Earlier Versions of This Software?

Photo credit: Day 027 by maaco.

The first thing that users of Photoshop CS6 will notice is a very classy interface design. Aside from this, the program has a new graphic engine, which has made cropping much easier for users. Although an improvement in regard to cropping tool doesn’t seem to be essential, it actually is. Users of Photoshop often crop items, and the new version has made this task simpler, due to the fact that there is the option of going back in case you don’t like the area you cropped.

Greater Speed

Another thing that has to be mentioned in the field of improvements is the time-saving component for users. As mentioned above, Photoshop CS6 has a new graphic engine called Mercury, which allows users to be much more productive – to the extent that everything done with this program takes less time.

What about Video Editing in Photoshop CS6?

Great news for all users of this more than amazing program is that it offers video editing options. For beginners in this field this doesn’t seem that innovative, but the fact is that the video editing option was previously available only in Photoshop Extended version. Now, the users of Photoshop CS6 can also enjoy the benefits that video editing brings.



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