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Here are the most popular mechanical keyboards. If you’re thinking of buying a new keyboard, I suggest you take a look at this mechanical collection before you do.

There are a lot of different types of keyboards, the most popular keyboard of 2012 is the mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard uses a Mechanical-switch, which is a real switch underneath every key. Depending on the construction of the switch, such keyboards have varying response and travel times.

Most of these keyboards are great for gaming, if you’re looking for something mechanical but not in the gaming category, you can find it here:

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Pro Picks

Noppoo Choc Mini

$100 (Amazon) | (Ebay) $110.00



I love this keyboard; it’s small, the keys are easy to press, and they’re located right next to each other – no unnecessary spaces. Although it might take some time to get used to.


  • Noppoo Choc Mini 84 Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Switch keyboard
  • German original Cherry MX mechanical switches
  • USB connection NKRO (N-key rollover) conflict-free typing performance
  • 84 keys,POM key cap,Cap LED light,Multi-Media Keys over QWEASD section
  • Location swap for Left Ctrl / Caps lock function,WIN key lock function

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

$115 (Amazon)


  • Tactile, high-speed keys: Quiet mechanical keys deliver gaming-grade responsiveness and superior tactile feedback without noise distractions
  • Adjustable dual-zone backlighting: Adjust the brightness of WASD/arrow keys independently from the rest of the keyboard so you can easily find any key?even in low light
  • 6 programmable G-keys: Configure up to 18 unique functions per game, including single keypresses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts
  • High-performance gaming keys: 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26-key rollover help you make the right moves with flawless precision; one-touch media keys let you instantly control volume, mute and media playback
  • Compatibility: Works with Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating systems

Most Popular

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

$100 (Amazon)


  • Mechanical Blue CHERRY MX Switches
  • Windows Keys disabled in GAME mode
  • Extra key-caps bundled (with key puller)
  • Laser-marked keycaps
  • Anti Ghosting
  • NKRO in PS/2 mode
  • Removable braided USB cable with cable routing

Das Keyboard Model S Professional

$129.99 (Amazon)


  • German-engineered, gold-plated, mechanical key switches (Cherry MX Brown). Designed to withstand 50 million key strokes
  • Special Media Keys: sleep, brightness +/-, mute, volume +/-, eject, play/pause, next and previous track
  • Laser-etched inscriptions on keys to resist fading
  • Two-port USB 2.0 hub allows for syncing and charging iPhone, iPod and USB compatible devices
  • Extra long 2-meter (6.6-Feet) USB cable with two USB connectors: one for the keyboard, one for the USB hub
  • Blue LEDs for Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock
  • Full n-key rollover (anti-ghosting technology) with a PS2 adapter, and 6 keys with USB. Great for fast typists and gamers alike.
  • KVM switch compatible

SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

$99.99  (Amazon)


  • Gold plated switches
  • Extreme anti-ghosting
  • Features SteelSeries Media Controls
  • 18K-Gold plated mechanical switches and USB connectors

I’ve used this keyboard in the past and I have to say that it’s a decent keyboard, however it requires a bit too much force to push down the keys. Which isn’t a big problem while gaming, it’s just a bit tiring. The problem comes into place when you start to type. I usually type pretty fast and with this keyboard it becomes harder to press down the keys – the faster you go. It’s still a solid keyboard and has been working great in light rooms, there’s no backlight.

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

$150 (Amazon)


  • Mechanical Key Architecture – For superior tactility and faster response
  • Fully Programmable Keys + 5 Additional Gaming Keys – With On-The-Fly macro recording
  • 10 Customizable software profiles – With On-The-Fly switching
  • Mechanical Key Architecture for superior tactility and faster response,USB Wired
  • Mechanical Key Architecture for superior tactility and faster response
  • Fully Programmable Keys plus 5 Additional Gaming Keys with On-The-Fly macro recording

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Image Credit: Noppoo Choc | Rushtipscom

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