5 Must Have Premium WordPress Plugins

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WordPress has an amazing library of plugins, most of which are free. Some of the plugins has an option to upgrade to another version, to get more features. If you like the plugin, and it has the features you want, you should really invest in the plugin, especially if you depend on it.

Then there are premium plugins for WordPress, hosted on premium sites, like Codecanyon.net. If you’re looking for a specific plugin, they probably have it. Their plugins costs from $2 and up, and you can easily pay with PayPal. Here are a few of my favorite plugins from Codecanyon so far.

WordPress Tab Plugin

Price: $11


This is a fully responsive tabs plugin for WordPress. It works in all browsers, and is iOS and android optimized. Setup takes seconds, and you can choose to have thumbnails and image tabs, or title and text tabs. It looks great, clean and minimalistic, and the transition is very smooth.

5 sec PayPal Buttons

Price: $9


If you’re selling a service, or accepting donations, this is a must have plugin for you WordPress site. It’ll make your life much easier, since you can implement a PayPal button anywhere on your site, with a simple shortcode.

MailChimp Comments

Price: $9


If you want to let your commenters subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter, or new posts list, this plugin is a must have for you. Since it takes the email address from when the commenter writes a comment, he or she doesn’t have to add it again to a different form. It’ll really help you build, and increase your reader base.

All in One Social

Price: $11


This has to be one of my favorite premium plugins so far, as you can see at the top of this post; there’s a bunch of social share buttons that resembles Mashable.com’s share area. This plugin is what makes it possible; I’ve always been looking for a plugin that uses the same sized share buttons, and has a “share counter”, just like this one does. So if you like it, you should get it now!

It also includes this sidebar widget.

5 sec QR Codes

Price: $6


Utilizing Google’s API, it creates a QR code anywhere on your wordpress site with no effort at all. QR codes has been growing in popularity, slow but steady, in the last year. It’s the easiest way to share information between a computer and a smartphone, since all you have to do is scan the code and you have the information on your phone.

Let us know if you have any premium WordPress plugins, in the comments below!

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