Skyn By Dr Kym’s tips for your best carnival skin | Lifestyle

Skyn By Dr Kym’s tips for your best carnival skin | Lifestyle

The April 7 Highway March fast techniques. Enter Dr Kimberley Johnson, main government officer and health-related director of Skyn By Dr Kym, with 3 very simple guidelines for your greatest carnival ‘skyn’.

1. Hydrate inside and out

a. Consume a lot of water in the times leading up to the highway march to maintain your overall body hydrated and your skin searching clean, encourages Dr Johnson. “As soon as you have no regarded kidney or coronary heart disorder, a pinch of salt (not adequate to taste), can be included to your h2o to raise absorption. Coconut h2o is also a fantastic choice mainly because of the by natural means transpiring electrolytes that assist to continue to keep revellers hydrated whether or not in a fête or on the street,” she advised The Sunday Gleaner.

b. Moisturise your pores and skin on a regular basis with a hydrating lotion or cream to stop dryness and retain a healthy glow.

2. Defend your pores and skin

a. Utilize sunscreen with solar safety issue (SPF) 50 or higher to secure your pores and skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Carnival day is a marathon, not a sprint, as these kinds of reapplication is incredibly essential. “It is ordinarily finest to reapply the sunscreen through the working day on both of those the physique and the face,” shared Dr Johnson.

And if you’re worried about your make-up. You should not be. “Ladies, utilizing a brush-on mineral sunscreen powder is a excellent solution for reapplying sunscreen over your make-up seems. Sunshine security is crucial!” Dr Johnson pressured.

b. Take into consideration putting on protective but trendy clothes, a cap, a bucket hat or a visor will assistance to protect your pores and skin from the sun when still wanting attractive.

3. Practise dependable skincare

a. Adhere to your common skincare program top up to the carnival to preserve your pores and skin crystal clear and healthier.

b. Be certain to use vitamin C based products leading up to the day to assist protect against hyperpigmentation (darkening from sunburn). Obtaining a rapid dermaplaning remedy is a great choice! This remedy smooths the skin with mild, controlled exfoliation, creating that excellent base for your carnival make-up seems!

“⁠Dermaplaning, done correctly by a clinical professional, can be carried out up to the working day ahead of Carnival Highway March,” the Skyn by Dr Kym manager informed The Sunday Gleaner. “The most critical suggestion is to not implement any annoying goods, these as retinol and chemical exfoliants to the experience later on, specifically if it really is accomplished so close to carnival. So, no products with fragrance critical oils (for instance tea tree or lemon oil) or denatured alcohols. No retinoids (retinol or tretinoin) and no chemical exfoliants (glycolic acid or lactic acid) immediately after,” mentioned Dr Johnson.

c. Pack vacation-sized skincare necessities like a spray SPF, hand sanitiser and even a facial spray to hold your pores and skin cleanse and refreshed while on the street.

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