Technology Makes the Sharing of Art Easier than Ever

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Owning fine art is a desire for many. Sadly, purchasing original paintings is often an expense that many people cannot afford. There is a way, however, to enjoy fine artwork in your home without the expense, and without it looking like a poster or cheap imitation.

Advantages of a Higher Quality Print

New technologies in digital printing, and the surfaces that this printing can be done on, allow reproduction artwork to look like a quality original. These prints can be completed on canvas (like many of the originals) or on a variety of other media and a degree of texture can even be expressed. Known in the art world as “giclee,” digital copies of paintings have become a very popular way for art lovers to purchase great original artwork they love but might not otherwise be able to obtain, to decorate their homes or businesses, and to expand their collections.

Finding Classic Artwork Online

2012 oct. painting
Photo credit: Mollyshutterbug

If you are looking for that perfect painting to decorate your home, or if you have a painting in mind that you would love to own, you can now easily shop for these prints online. You can browse hundreds of pieces of artwork that have been digitally reproduced to look exactly like the originals. Have a favorite artist? You will be able to find many of the works of the great masters on sites like, reproduced in high quality digital prints that you can own for your home.

Many new modern artists (well-known and obscure alike) are also offering their works as giclee prints on sites like,, and Many of today’s artists also offer prints of their work on their own websites or in numbered editions at galleries or venues that show their work. By creating a limited edition, artist’s can maintain a degree of uniqueness and value in their printed works.

Some websites offering high quality digital prints focus on art appreciation, while others focus more on printed art as an aspect of interior design and home decor. Many of these sites, such as Artismo and, also offer handcrafted, customized framing services for your prints, allowing you to purchase a wall-ready piece of artwork that fits right into your decor.

Better Printing Technology means Accessibility

The convenience of shopping at home allows you to browse many art pieces without having to commit to the purchase until you know exactly what you want for your wall. You may find that you thought there was one specific type of painting you wanted for your decorating, when in fact, you find something completely different in one of these art sites.   It is always nice to browse through stores when the time is right for you, which may be late at night when a brick and mortar would generally be closed. Art can be ordered and delivered to one’s doorstep at one’s own convenience.

For Aspiring Artists

If you are an artist, one of the best ways to promote your artwork outside of the gallery openings is to offer your work as a giclee. Many sites accept submissions of personal artwork to offer on their sites. Additionally, you may also find that offering your work in this manner, limited edition or not, will allow you to gain name recognition outside of your local area.

Overall, this wonderful new digital printing technology has created a way for everyone to own the artwork they desire, without the large expense. And because of the fine quality of giclee prints, the beauty of the original artwork can be further appreciated rather than watered down in a poster or photograph. By adding possibilities such as varied size, print surface, and other digital manipulation, today’s digital printing is actually taking the display and appreciation of art to a whole new level. Art becoming more accessible to the masses can only be a positive development. Appreciation for art and it’s power to create harmony, dissonance, thought, and so many other reactions is furthered and improved upon by new developments in technology and process, like high quality digital printing.

Author Molly Pearce is also a freelance artist who utilizes today's high quality digital printing in the sale of her own work. Artismo, an online resource for custom-framed, giclee prints, showcases a variety of artists' work from around the world. Sites like this make art more accessible and affordable to a variety of audiences.