The Psychology of Business Card Design

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A business card design has three general components; color, typeface, and whitespace. The aesthetic, and arguably, practical value of a business card design are determined by the deft fusion of these components.

Color is perhaps the most crucial element of a business card design, or any graphic design for that matter, since it is the most noticeable. There are two important considerations when incorporating colors in a business card design. These include proper combination when using more than two chromes, and opting for the palette which would be consistent with one’s desired brand/personal character. In terms of typeface and whitespace, the key principle is to allow these components to achieve unity and cohesion, and of course, utmost legibility.

This infographic offers a concise, clear, but nonetheless exhaustive guideline on how to utilize, maximize, and play around the aforementioned design components so as to create a business card that is both practical and pleasing to the eyes.


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