The Style of a Strong Business Decision [Infographic]

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Each year, business spend countless dollars perfecting their image. They pay public relations agencies, graphic design artists and marketing consultants to work in concert to develop and employ strategies that will propel their businesses forward. You can then reason out that all of the top brands share some similarities in the way that they grew to be successful.

There’s no single reason that these businesses grew to be as successful as they are now. They climbed to the top through smart decisions made on a daily basis. While all of those daily decisions have affected the way that customers view these brands, there is one that stands out above the rest: making the decision to use a certain style of logo.

The one piece of media that gets posted on everything a business does is a logo, and it affects how a customer thinks about a business. That means the decision to purchase from a certain company can be affected solely by the type of logo that a business has decided to use. What makes the logos that the top brands use so powerful? Was it the choice of color, the font or the inclusion of text in a logo that made it so powerful?

Infographic created by the Austin SEO & web design company, TastyPlacement.

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