Tips to nail 400m repeats

Irrespective of whether you are gunning for a new 5K own best or tackling your next 10K, 400m repeats are a vintage workout that you have probable seen in your training program. On paper, it does not appear quite tough–10-12 x 400m at 5K race pace–but numerous runners are amazed when they have a difficult time completing it.

This staple session is a attempted-and-real tactic to assistance convey down your 5K or 10K time, so use these strategies to stay away from typical pitfalls that can make this workout go sideways.

Rate your self

5K race pace feels speedy throughout a race, but above 400m, it might really feel pretty gradual, especially all through the very first two or three repeats. For this purpose, lots of runners make the blunder of going out more quickly than race tempo at the beginning, only to crash and burn up in the back again fifty percent of the work out. The objective of this session is to operate at the right pace, so that you’re organized for the bodily and mental challenge that will inevitably rear its head in the previous handful of intervals. This will mimic the last kilometre or two of your race, and put together you to thrust by that obstacle.

Know what to count on

If this is your very first time tackling a exercise session like this, don’t be amazed if you wrestle with it. As we already mentioned, it is deceptively tough, so if you have issues hitting your objective speed through the very last few intervals, really don’t worry. Do your ideal to continue to be calm and get to the stop of the workout–you could have to have to try it a handful of periods before you ace it.

Play with the rest

You can shorten or lengthen the restoration intervals, but steer clear of shortening your relaxation just for the sake of earning the exercise routine harder. Ideally, you must pick a relaxation interval that is lengthy adequate to make it possible for you to proceed hitting your goal pace, and then continue to keep that time the same through the work out. If you have carried out this exercise a number of times and are seeking for methods to change it up or enhance the challenge, attempt breaking it up into sets. For case in point:

(400m/1 min rest/400m/2 min relaxation) x 5–6


Really do not overdo it

It may perhaps be tempting to do this exercise above and in excess of once more, primarily if you struggled with it the initial time all over. We suggest like this session no more than twice in your race develop-up: when close to the commencing of your training block, and again 4 to 6 weeks later (but not less than a person 7 days prior to your race) to see how you’ve progressed. There are many other valuable exercise routines to consist of in a 5K or 10K education system, and when you do the same training way too normally, you operate the threat of finding into a rut. 

The workout

If you have not attempted this exercise session before, start with this components and adjust the rest intervals as needed.

Warmup: 10-15 minutes quick jog, adopted by mobility drills and strides.

Training: 10-12 x 400m at 5K race speed, with 2 minutes rest or 300m-400m effortless jog between reps.

Street possibility: 10-12 x 2 min with 2 min simple jog between intervals.

Cooldown: 10-15 minutes uncomplicated jog adopted by mild stretching.